Friday, March 23, 2012

The Finish of Wrestlemania 28 Main Event

As we know the main event for Wrestlemania 28 will in fact be the Rock versus John Cena, in a match that has been one year in the making. Both men have their fan bases and both men have their critics. The match has been a year in the making and the wait is nearly over, as Wrestlemania 28 is nine days away.

Who Will Win the Rock vs. John Cena?


 Thinking about this match from a logic standpoint, for the fact that John Cena will be around after Wrestlemania 28, one would think that John Cena is the no brainer to win. The Rock passes the torch to John Cena much like Hollywood Hogan did with the Rock ten years ago in Tornonto at Wrestlemania 28.

However, what if conventional wisdom is wrong? There have been some whispers, some rumors, that Wrestlemania 28 might not be the end of the Rock and John Cena. While there might not be anything to these rumors, thoughts of a three match series between the Rock and John Cena have been speculated. Which means that The Rock might have to win this match, if the rumors of the three match series between these two men are true.

It would be a close battle, but in the end, John Cena's very best would not have been good enough. Where he loses to the Rock after a tight battle. Cena becomes obsessed, gets that edge that many fans have wanted him to have for sometimes, and we have a second match, where John Cena wins. Then it is all building up to a third match, perhaps next year at Wrestlemania 29.

The Rock winning would shock a lot of people but making John Cena human, making John Cena mortal, making him vulnerable would really add some depths to his character that it has been lacking for some time.  It could be that these rumors would have been smoke and John Cena once again defies the odds, pins the Rock with the Attitude Adjustment.

Would the Rock winning be the best for John Cena however? That is the question that should be asked. It does seem logical that John Cena is winning. Almost a little bit too logical.

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