Thursday, March 29, 2012

If Cena Wins at Wrestlemania 28 Miami Riots

Listening to the open line call show on Figure Four Daily, there seemed to be a lot of people who were under the impression that if John Cena defeated the Rock at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, there might in fact be a full scale riot. That does intrigue me. One would think that WWE would be prepared with extra security at Wrestlemania 28, with the scope of the event, the number of fans, and the fact that some of the older members of the WWE Universe may be having a few drinks.

Will There Be a Riot at Wrestlemania 28 if John Cena Defeats the Rock

Riots are very rare at wrestling. While there are many fans on the Internet, who say that if the Rock loses at Wrestlemania 28, we riot, really I don't expect any of them to go through with it. And even if there is a riot, it will be more of a small scale thing where there might be some minor crowd brawling, but security quickly contains it, while everyone else is too busy seeing the aftermath of the match to really care.

About the only time that I thought there could have been a riot in wrestling, was the second ECW One Night Stand. "Cena wins and we riot." I could fully believe that if John Cena defeated Rob Van Dam at One Night Stand II, some ECW mutants would try and go after Cena with an axe or something. Those fans can get rather rowdy and when the drinks have been flowing, if someone they hated defeated one of their homegrown superstars, than there would be hell.

I do think that there is a far greater chance of a riot if there is some kind of screwy non-finish for a match that fans waited a year for. Which there is a slight possibility of it happening and I'm sure someone may have entertained that notion once, before shutting it down for fear of the consequences. Then again, given Vince McMahon's ability to flip flop mentally on things, I don't even know if he knows who is going to win for sure.

Will there be a riot? To steal a phrase from Gorilla Monsoon, "highly unlikely." There will be some outrage if John Cena wins, some boos, perhaps a few drink cups will be aimed at John Cena's head, perhaps some tantrums in the crowd, but I do think that in the end, the Rock and John Cena will have a good enough match where the vast majority of the crowd will be caught up in the moment and not really care.

Personally, the Rock has to win, if they are going to go for the second John Cena against the Rock match next year, because there is no point in having a second match in John Cena wins. That is assuming that there is going to be another match at Wrestlemania 28.

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