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WWE NXT Report 03/28/12

The road to Wrestlemania 28 is running down on its final days and it is time to recap the show where the fun never ends, WWE NXT for March 28th 2012. Today’s main event is Titus O’Neil against Jey Uso. It is time to recap all of the highlights of WWE NXT 3/28/12

WWE NXT 3/28/12 Recap

Hunico picked up the win over Derrick Bateman in the opening match on WWE NXT

NXT We open things up with one of the rookies on NXT(although after a year, is he really a rookie), Derrick Bateman taking on Hunico. Hunico has Camacho in his corner and Bateman has Kaitlyn. I’d take the son of Meng to watch my back in a fight myself but that is just me. Hunico was brought over from Smackdown by William Regal to give Bateman some stiff competition and Bateman got some rather impressive moves off but took his eyes off of the prize, wiping out Camacho with a dive. Hunico hits the move formally known as the Angle Slam on Bateman for the pin. Hopefully Kurt doesn’t go mad on Twitter because another person stole his move.

We have Titus O’Neil against Jey Uso one on one in your main event on WWE NXT this week.
John Cena and the Rock will square off at Wrestlemania 28. Among other matches as there is a hype package on Wrestlemania 28, about what Wrestlemania means. Once in a life time between the Rock and John Cena at Wrestlemania 28.

A look at the End of the Era Hell in a Cell Match between the Undertaker against Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee is shown.

We continue the Wrestlemania hype, with CM Punk against Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship.

Maxine is talking on the cell phone, wanting information about Regal, as Johnny Curtis creeps in. Regal is into some freaky stuff, which Johnny Curtis is weirded out about. Apparently they are keeping Matt Striker’s whereabouts a secret, given that they hired a stunt double to commentate Superstars last week. Or his Bizzaro World counterpart, whatever you prefer Well that plot hole is filled. They are trying to figure out who stole the real Matt Striker. Percy Watson and Alex Riley are here and Percy is not happy about Maxine stealing the spotlight last week, by giving a foot massage from William Regal. Riley is weirded out about Johnny Curtis’s lack of shirt.

This segment continues, with Maxine and Johnny Curtis going by Natalya and Tyson Kidd, who were talking about the economy, or ugly hair. This continues, as we follow Maxine and Curtis towards Justin Gabriel. Gabriel is not a suspect in the kidnapping of Matt Striker, due to him being too soft. Then we come across Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. Darren Young has some pottery for Tamina, but Titus says that he should wine and dine and taker her to McDonalds. And lie, but Darren Young is not down with that. Maxine accuses Titus O’Neil of kidnapping Striker. Titus tries to put the moves on Maxine but she freaks out, forcing Johnny Curtis to hold her back. Maxine gets a text, saying that after Wrestlemania, she’ll give what they want and they’ll get Striker back.

Well that was kind the cluster of a segment.

Insanity with the divas on Extra is recapped.

Titus O’Neil defeated Jey Uso
Titus picked up the win over Jey Uso with Jimmy Uso and Darren Young on commentary. This match was not much to write home about. Clash of the Titus picks up the win for Titus O’Neil on NXT. Then out comes Tamina to check on Jey Uso after the match.

If you enjoy Wrestlemania hype package, then you should watch WWE NXT 3/28/12

WWE NXT Results 3/28/12

Hunico defeated Derrick Bateman
Titus O’Neil defeated Jey Uso

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