Saturday, March 10, 2012

Does Wrestlemania Feel Like Wrestlemania?

Does Wrestlemania 28 really feel like Wrestlemania this year? Many people would deem that question to be on the level of something that is most absurd when you really think about it because of the match between John Cena vs. the Rock, a match that has been a year in the making. Something that has never been done before in WWE history and for obvious reasons. It would be foolish to make a match a year in advance due to interest potentially tapering off, not to mention the potential for some serious injuries.

But John Cena vs. the Rock, on the night of April 1st 2012 in Miami Florida at WWE Wrestlemania 28 might live up to the hype, the rest of the card kind of is hit and miss.

Is Wrestlemania 28 just another WWE Pay Per View with slightly more hype

Wrestlemania 25 was one of the biggest examples of Wrestlemania not feeling like Wrestlemania. 26 did have a slightly bigger feel. 27 had the novelty of the Rock guest hosting but when you really strip back that card WWE had, there is really nothing to distinguish Wrestlemania 27. It had Snooki, it had the Undertaker vs. Triple H in a match that we saw ten years older and was kind of overrated in hindsight.

Undertaker vs. Triple H inside Hell in a Cell this year with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee, it might get some interest. Triple H ending the streak would not be the best thing but Undertaker winning this match would be predictable. Plus a Hell in a Cell without any blood or huge stunt bumps is not going to be all that exciting. And both men are broken down, so there sure isn't going to be any stunt bumps with how broken down these two men are. And blood might not be happening due to Linda McMahon's latest doomed political campaign.

Chris Jericho against CM Punk will likely be a good match from a technical standpoint, same with Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan, but really those two matches would be at best upper midcard matches on your average Pay Per View. No fault of the guys, but blame WWE for that one, for their inability to properly create new stars as of late. The Rock needed to comeback, whether many of the entitled crybabies in the WWE locker room liked it or not. Undertaker vs. Triple H had to go to the well one too many times.

And one year from now, the same problems will occur in WWE. Wrestlemania 29 will rely on stars of the past. People will be pushed, de-pushed, injured, but no one will get to a certain level. Wrestlemania 29 will feel kind of lackluster, with perhaps one huge match standing above. And they have that Brock Lesnar card that I imagine they will pull next year. Given how people were crying bitter tears about the Rock, I can just imagine the locker room when Brock Lesnar, a man who walked out on the company when he didn't need them, went to UFC to make some big coin without Vince McMahon, comes back.

But we'll need Brock Lesnar, because WWE seems to not be able to push stars to the next level. That is why Wrestlemania 28 just doesn't have that Wrestlemania zing. CM Punk we had a moment of hope but everything that made him great on that one night last June has been watered down.

Could things change in WWE? Perhaps. Could Wrestlemania 28 do big business for WWE? It's Wrestlemania 28, even if it had nothing but Mason Ryan vs. Jinder Mahal in a four hour Iron Man Match...actually it would bomb there for WWE, but the point remains that Wrestlemania will do big business. Although perhaps as not as big as it should be.

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