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Florida Championship Wrestling Review 3/11/12

Welcome to Florida Championship Wrestling airing on March 11th 2012. On this show, we will see a return match between Leo Kruger and new Florida Champion Mike Dalton. Plus FCW President Steve Keirn has a huge announcement. Time for your review of all of the highlights of Florida Championship Wrestling 3/11/12

Florida Championship Wrestling 3/11/12

Recap of Mike Dalton winning the Florida Championship last week.

CJ Parker and Jason Jordan defeated Big E. Langston and Alexander Rusev

Rather random tag team opening this week to say the very least. Not too bad, but it was just very much by the numbers. Parker avoids a splash off of the top rope and Oklahoma Side Roll on Rusev gets the pin for CJ Parker and Jason Jordan.

Recap of Bryon Saxton attacking Kenneth Cameron last week. This week Bryon Saxton returns to the ring against Kenneth Cameron up next.

Or not, as Bryon Saxton still his arm in a sling, claiming that his shoulder has not completely healed, so he’s not competing in the ring. Saxton claims that he is disappointed as he is unable to compete. Saxton arranged a replacement opponent, Colin Cassady.

Colin Cassady defeated Kenneth Cameron

Cameron has the longest winning streak in FCW in five months or at least he had, when he loses. Bryon Saxton in a shocking swerve is not hurt at all and he pops Cameron from behind and Cassady hits a big boot for the pin.

Audrey Marie defeated Sofia Cortez

Perfectly acceptable divas match between these two. I did enjoy this one. Audrey Marie picks up the win with a swinging slam into a Rock Bottom for the pin. Nothing too offensive with this one. Raquel Diaz and mystery raven haired girl comes out to attack Audrey Marie but Kaitlyn makes the save.

Kassius Ohno, or Chris Hero as you might know him, is finally hear, but he doesn’t plan on being FCW for long. Which means he’ll likely be in FCW for about three years. He will be a WWE Superstars. He concusses with his kicks and k’oes with his elbows and it brings him some joy to knock him unconscious. Anyone can pin or submit and next week Kassius Ohno will be in the ring.

Norman Smiley and Steve Keirn are walking backstage for a huge announcement. Keirn thanks the FCW Universe. Maxine is called out for the huge announcement. Keirn has had some things to come to his attention that are disturbing. She hired a psychiatrist, or so she thought, as James Bronson is not a real doctor. No really. All of the personal notes are to be turned over to Norman Smiley. And Maxine is fired. Norman does a jig to celebrate. Maxine leaves, to be on NXT full time.

Leo Kruger regained the Florida Championship against Mike Dalton.

I think this was the best of the four matches that they had. Dalton refused to go down, managing to avoid the Sleeperhold, hitting an Implant DDT and also pulling out the Canadian Maple Leaf Half Boston Crab, shades of his trainer, Lance Storm. However, Kruger pushes Dalton with a sleeperhold until he blacks out. We have a new, two time Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger.

We have a new Florida Champion, and his name is Leo Kruger. So long from the Sunshine State.

Why You Should Watch Florida Championship Wrestling 3/11/12

The main event was good.

Florida Championship Wrestling Results 3/11/12

Jason Jordan and CJ Parker defeated Alexander Rusev and Big E. Langston

Colin Cassady defeated Kenneth Cameron

Audrey Marie defeated Sofia Cortez

Leo Kruger defeated Mike Dalton to regain the Florida Championship.

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