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Ring of Honor Wrestling 3/10/12 Report

Here is your Ring of Honor Wrestling Report for March 10th 2012. On this show, the Blind Destiny will take place to see who will be taking on Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, and Roderick Strong respectively on March 31st 2012 at ROH Showdown in the Sun Night Two, the latest Ring of Honor Wrestling Ippv on WWE Wrestlemania 28 weekend.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Report 3/10/12

The Blind Destiny Tournament is announced. Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King with the winner taking on Roderick Strong, Adam Cole vs Kevin Steen with the winner taking on Eddie Edwards, and Kyle O'Reilly vs Michael Elgin with the winner taking on Davey Richards. The winner of the three way between Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, and Eddie Edwards will defend the title against their opponent on night two.

Jay Lethal defeated Kenny King

A solid athletic battle with the winner going onto to take on Roderick Strong on Night II of Showdown in the Sun. Jay Lethal proved to be the better man in this bout, picking up the win over Kenny King with a German Suplex to score the pin.

Kevin Steen defeated Adam Cole

Kevin Steen continued his dominance as of late on Ring of Honor Wrestling, picking up the win over Adam Cole with the F-Cinq. As a result he will take on Eddie Edwards on 3/31/12.

Inside Ring of Honor this week featured hype for the Three Way Match for the Ring of Honor Championship, Mike Bennett vs Lance Storm, Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team against The Briscoe Brothers, and the All Night Express vs. The Young Bucks all at the huge double header, Showdown in the Sun on Wrestlemania weekend.

Michael Elgin defeated Kyle O'Reilly

 Eligin is your winner tonight, to qualify for the final match against Davey Richards. A thunderous power bomb scores the win. It will be Michael Elgin vs. Davey Richards on March 31st 2012.

ROH Wrestling 3/10/12 Quick Results
-Jay Lethal defeated Kenny King
-Kevin Steen defeated Adam Cole
-Michael Elgin defeated Kyle O'Reilly

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