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TNA Victory Road 2012 Report

Welcome to your recap for TNA Victory Road 2012, airing on March 18th 2012. On this night, we’ll see Sting taking on the TNA World Champion Bobby Roode in the main event. Plus Jeff Hardy squares off against Kurt Angle and Bully Ray faces off against James Storm. Let’s not waste any time in recapping the highlights of TNA Victory Road 2012.

TNA Victory Road 2012 Report

We kick things off back and forth between Bully Ray and James Storm who will be opening up things tonight. Storm is going to put the number one contenders match on the line.

James Storm defeated Bully Ray

In a match that scarcely lasted longer than two minutes, Bully Ray tried to attack but he ate the Last Call for the pin. It was what it was.

Austin Aries cuts a promo. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the final match, he’s always in the main event.

Austin Aries retained the TNA X-Division Championship against Zema Ion

As always, Aries puts on a good match. Even the dreaded hair spray was not enough to keep Aries down, and Aries hits a huge brain buster, right into the Last Chancery for the tap out.

The Motor City Machine Guns will return soon as a tag team. There’s some good news.

Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Matt Morgan and Crimson to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles

Joe and Magnus retain the Tag Team Titles but the real story here is Crimson, turning on Matt Morgan and taking him out with a huge spear. Magnus and Joe retain the titles and hopefully go onto feud with the returning Motor City Machine Guns. Pretty solid encounter here as per usual, but I can’t wait to see Joe and Magnus against a quality tag team.

Bobby Roode has some words. Something about Twitter. My minds been trained to go blank when Twitter is mentioned on a wrestling show. Roode vows to end Sting’s career. James Storm is up and we have some trash talking, with a staredown.

Robbie E is out for his challenge, teasing that it would be against a fan but it appears that no fan is worthy of Robbie E. Devon comes out and it is on for the TNA Television.

Devon won the TNA Television Title against Robbie E

A quick match for the most part. Devon wins the Television Title with a spinebuster. Can’t say that the Television Title means much in TNA, but good for Devon.

Jeremy Borash is with Dixie Carter. The 10th Anniversary of TNA is coming up soon. There will be many announcements coming up. Given TNA’s past track record about huge announcements about said announcement. Dixie also hopes that Sting gives Bobby Roode his just desserts.

Gail Kim successfully retained the TNA Knockout’s Title against Madison Rayne

About as good as a match as you might expect, take that comment for what it is, depending on the expectations. Obviously they’re not friends. The fans are apathic but that’s the Impact Zone for you. Gail Kim makes Madison Rayne Eat Defeat. It just seems like the same old cycle in the Knockouts Division but hopefully things will get interesting.

Kazarian and Daniels have a promo. It seems that there is some tension, as Daniels refuses Kazarian to talk.

AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson defeated Kazarian and Christopher Daniels

Well Anderson didn’t turn on Styles, yet anyway. A good tag team match, with all four men looking excellent in the ring. There was quite the sequence at the end between Styles and Kazarian with the Styles Clash getting the pin for the team of  Kazarian and Daniels.

Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle

This match was redemption for last year and Jeff Hardy’s performance at Victory Road 2011 and Hardy did perform and then some. Angle Slam was countered into the Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb gets the pin, with Hardy using the ropes for leverage. Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle put on an amazing match.

Sting becomes my favorite wrestler saying that he is sick of people talking about Twitter and Facebook on wrestling shows and he just wants to wrestle. Good man, that man. Don’t mind Twitter but there’s just something that bothers me when its crammed down my throat on a wrestling show.

Bobby Roode defeated Sting

A fair enough brawl, even if the finish kind of seemed a bit flukey. Both men did have a decent enough brawl and Roode set up a chair, but as Sting went for the Scorpion Death Drop, he hit the chair and Roode pins him. We have Bobby Roode vs. James Storm next month but the build up just seems off. But a lot can happen in the next month. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

We all knew going in that Victory Road 2012 was very much a throw away Pay Per View Show. Still you’d want to watch TNA Victory Road 2012 for the Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle match.

TNA Victory Road 2012 Results

James Storm defeated Bully Ray

Austin Aries defeated Zema Ion to retain the TNA X-Division Title.

Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Crimson and Matt Morgan to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Devon defeated Robbie E to win the TNA Television Title.

Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne to retain the TNA Knockout’s Title.

AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson defeated Kazarian and Christopher Daniels

Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle

Bobby Roode defeated Sting

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