Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Florida Championship Wrestling No More

Well that was a real kick in the mouth to wake up to early in the morning to say the very least, the death of Florida Championship Wrestling. WWE is shutting the place down and moving the developmental territory up to Connecticut. To say I'm a bit disheartened will be putting it lightly, as there were many weeks where FCW was in fact the best show of the week. Of course, given that the developmental show is the best show of the week.

Florida Championship Wrestling Shut Down

Hopefully the new developmental territory will be getting a television program and hopefully it will be on YouTube where hopefully I can watch it and then I can rather recap it. One thing I will say is that the crowds in Florida were very dead at points. They made the Impact Zone crowd look lively at their very worst. There is some good talent down there, some not so good talent. It is a shame that now we only hear William Regal on commentary once a week. Hopefully he gets the gig.

I think there is still one more taping, maybe two worth of shows before we roll out the trolly for good. Don't blame Florida Championship Wrestling for the lack of people developed there as some people wrongly are, even if that is a half truth. Blame WWE's inability to properly follow up on people who are in developmental. Then again, that was a problem back in the days of OVW as well. For every Brock Lesnar, there was five Doug Bashams.

My reports of past FCW shows over the past six months can be read elsewhere off to the side as you might see. When we're done, likely I'll find something to fill the void as my report for Florida.

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