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Florida Championship Wrestling Review 04/15/12

Better late then never, as Florida Championship Wrestling occurs on April 15th 2012, featuring two roughneck competitors in James Bronson and Dean Ambrose squaring off in a Tap Out Match. This should be one to remember but there is no time to waste. This is Florida Championship Wrestling 4/15/12.

Florida Championship Wrestling Review 4/15/12

 We continue our build to the absolutely best feud in wrestling, Dean Ambrose and William Regal, with Regal neglecting commentary.

Xavier Woods, CJ Parker, and Jason Jordan are out, with Abraham Washington coming out, talking some trash and introducing his men. First of all, Brad Maddox, and next up the Florida Tag Team Champions of Jake Carter and Corey Graves.

Xavier Woods, CJ Parker, and Jason Jordan defeated Jake Carter, Corey Graves, and Brad Maddox

This was my first look at Jake Carter and not what you would expect from the sun of Vader. The Six Man Tag Team Rule applies, where you get at least a decent match and this remains true. I think that Graves and Carter do have some potential as a team, if that would matter in WWE. Maddox seems to have a look. I don't see too much of a future for the babyfaces. 

Mike Dalton defeated Mr. Sakamoto.

Mr. Sakamoto is very 1970s/1980s, Japanese Heel, with the throat chops and the martial arts. All he needs is some ceremonial salt or green mist and he'll be all set.  The story was that Sakamoto was out to impress with a win over the former Florida Champion but Dalton looked impressive, picking up the win with a huge Implant DDT.

A young man by the name of Adam Mercer cuts a promo. IT'S RANDY ORTON'S STUNT DOUBLE! Right down to the monotone speaking. He promises to change the fact that things are about Sports Entertainment.

Raquel Diaz hung onto the FCW Diva's Title over Audrey Marie.

Audrey Marie was an accountant before being a wrestler, allegedly, which Regal says that he might need to enlist her help because he is "more broken than the ten commandants". Master Regal, he's our King. We've seen this match before, with Raquel Diaz pulls out a roll up right for the pin. She remains the Florida Championship Wrestling Diva's Champion.

Big E. Langston defeated Jiro

Jiro is overmatched, as Big E. Langston just rolls over Jiro, hitting his huge finishing move that he calls the Big Ending for the pin.

Husky Harris or Brad Wyatt is shown, the same vignette from last week.

Kassius Ohno defeated Benincio Salazar

Salazar looks like a generic Luchadore action figure I had as a child. Ohno gets the impressing knockout on the new comer, the Luchadore from Mexico(as opposed to all those dreaded Luchadores from Siberia)

Dean Ambrose defeated James Bronson

Bit of a letdown but for the time it got, it was good enough. Both men trade submission holds until Ambrose locks in the Regal Stretch. Bronson struggles as William Regal paces around ringside and James Bronson has no choice but to tap out, giving Dean Ambrose the win. 

Ambrose cuts a crazed promo about William Regal, saying that Regal is trying to take what he learned. You can get why people call him the next Roddy Piper, because a lot of this promo was nonsensical but great. Must have Regal and Ambrose one on one again, yesterday. The promo is below. You must see it in all of its glory.

Another good episode of Florida Championship Wrestling.

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