Friday, April 20, 2012

Roode Storm Bound for Glory

So the tentative rumored plan for the future of the James Storm versus Bobby Roode feud is a match between the two at TNA Bound for Glory in October. Granted, if TNA plays their cards right, this might actually turn out to be rather decent all things considered. However, will it have the same interest level that it did during the buildup for Lockdown.

James Storm versus Bobby Roode at TNA Bound for Glory-Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Conventional wisdom states that James Storm likely should have one. Surprises are good, but not when the fans wanted James Storm to get his revenge on Bobby Roode. There is a difference between drawing out the chase and also just yanking the fans around to the point where they stopped caring whether or not their guy won the big one.

Tyler Black in Ring of Honor would be the absolute perfect example. For two years, people looked forward to seeing Tyler Black break through and win the Ring of Honor Championship. By the time he won it in 2010, a vast chunk of the fans stopped caring.

Now James Storm is far better than Tyler Black, all things considered and I'm wondering if Bobby Roode can really sustain any momentum as champion leading to Bound for Glory. Rob Van Dam versus Bobby Roode at Sacrifice just seems like a bit of a filler match but given that Sacrifice is a filler show.

Slammiversary, obviously considering that Kurt Angle seems to be turning babyface, they can go to Roode against Angle, for the simple reason that Angle beating Roode in the Bound for Glory main event is a blemish on his record that he cannot shake off. After that, well we can perhaps elevate Aries, but that sets up something dangerous where people want Aries to be the man and then the big moment of James Storm is not something the fans want anymore.

Mr. Anderson? That well was beaten so far into the ground. Another round of Sting, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy? Eric Young (hey they have the history and they might get some juice out of Eric Young winning a number one contenders match on some fluke on a B Pay Per View, but it would be a hard sell for many fans).

I think that the finish as it was, as weak as it was, could be something if the title change happened at Slammiversary. James Storm, the guy who was there since the very first show, wins the title on the tenth year anniversary, just seems like a great story.

Then again, you just never know. It really depends on how well TNA presents this. Things can change after all, people get injured, people having falling outs, creative regimes change.

Regardless, it will be James Storm versus Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory 2012. At least that was what the plan seemed to be.

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