Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hogan Sues over Sex Tape

Things have blown over, in the latest chapter of the saga involving the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape. As you may have heard right by now, there was a leak involving the unfortunate created tape involving the Hulkster and an unknown woman. Photos have been released online.

Well it appears that Hulk Hogan is striking back and filing a lawsuit.

Hulk Hogan Files Lawsuit Based off of Leaked Photos From Sex Tape
Given that the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape was created without the knowledge of the man (as he claims), Hogan has decided to file a lawsuit. The lawsuit is against TheDirty.Com, a website which released the offending photos.

It appears that Hulk Hogan may be well within his legal rights for such a lawsuit. The former WWE, WCW, and current TNA Wrestling Icon, has claimed that his involvement in such a tape was not remembered. And any photos released therefore would be unauthorized and without his permission.

Such actions would constitute as a felony according the release by Hulk Hogan's lawyer. The saga of the legendary superstar and his family members have been a sad one to fallow since 2007. The filmed Hulk Hogan Sex Tape being the latest.

For what it is worth, theDirty.Com appears to be unwilling to remove said offending photos at this time. Naturally, as further legal action has been processed by Hulk Hogan, they may be removed from the website in due time.

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