Thursday, April 26, 2012

WWE Superstars Review 04/26/12

WWE Superstars on April 26th 2012 on was headlined by two men who know each other rather well, as Alex Riley does battle with his former mentor, the Miz. Plus one on one the WWE Divas are in action, as  Kelly Kelly takes on the devious Maxine and Hunico and Camacho take on the Uso Brothers in tag team action. It is time to rundown the highlights and results for WWE Superstars 4/26/12

WWE Superstars Review April 26th 2012

 Josh Mathews is out and being replaced by Michael Cole. BLAST YOU LESNAR! Recap of Lesnar's savagery on Josh Mathews.

Camacho and Hunico defeated the Uso Brothers in tag team action to kick off WWE Superstars

Matt Striker and Michael Cole are calling the action right now. The Usos make fun of Hunico and Camacho, in a potentially suspect bit. A pretty decent tag team match and Cole seems rather more tolerable than he normally is on RAW and Smackdown, so I didn't have to watch this match in Michael Cole Mode aka mute. Jey Uso is battered but hot tag to Jimmy. Shades of Rikishi takes out Hunico but as Jimmy rolls up Hunico, Camacho flies in with a savate kick, shades of his father, the legendary Meng/Haku. Granted that fact was not mentioned but I notice it. Hunico and Camacho score the win. 

Hype for the main event today on WWE Superstars, with Alex Riley going one on one with the Miz.

Brock Lesnar against John Cena this Sunday in an Extreme Rules Match at Extreme Rules is hyped up. This Sunday, April 29th 2012, don't you dare miss it.

"You Think You Know Me: The Story of Edge" from WWE DVDs is advertised.

Kelly Kelly defeated Maxine

For the first time ever on WWE Superstars, it is Kelly Kelly taking on Maxine. Matt Striker and Scott Stanford are on commentary for this match. One of the better diva's matches on this show, with Maxine punishing Kelly with a violent standing guillotine choke with a bodyscissors. Kelly Kelly Stinkface, well in theory as Maxine turns away, handspring elbow, and K2. Kelly Kelly hits her three moves of doom and picks up the win over Maxine on WWE Superstars, but was given some anxious moments. 

Another look at Brock Lesnar against John Cena which will be taking place at Extreme Rules.

The Miz defeated Alex Riley

An amazing main event concludes things on WWE Superstars. Two men who know each other very well, with the Miz mentoring Riley on NXT Season 2 and then Riley feuding with Miz last Summer. The mighty have fallen, a statement which can apply to both these WWE Superstars. Miz batters the shoulder of A-Ry throughout this match but Riley fights out. Miz returns fire with a nearfall with the Reality Check. Running Powerslam by Riley is avoided, shoulder to the post, and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale to pin Riley in the main event of this week's Superstars. 

The Miz is smug with his victory as an exceptional edition of WWE Superstars ends on that note.

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