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Impact Wrestling Review 04/19/12

Lockdown has passed right into the night, with Bobby Roode hanging onto the TNA Championship against James Storm in a Steel Cage Match and Eric Bischoff being banished, as Team Garrett won Lethal Lockdown. That was then and this is Impact Wrestling for April 19th 2012. Let's delve right into the first show on the road to Sacrifice where a new number one contender to the TNA World Championship will be crowned.

TNA Impact Wrestling Review April 19th 2012

Bobby Roode is out, to gloat, that despite his new haircut, last Sunday, he is the TNA Champion. In hindsight, if TNA is going somewhere with Roode retaining, then so be it, we'll see, but if this is one of these super cutesy swerve the fans for the sake of swerving them things, what miniscule faith I have built up over this company's moderate improvement over the past couple of months will be shaken.

Roode gloats that he has beaten all of the heroes of the fans and there seems to be no one left for him to defeat. It appears that Mr. Anderson is going to take offense to that one.  He wants a shot at the gold. Jeff Hardy is out and he wants a title shot as well. Hulk Hogan is out and we have a number one contender match made between Jeff Hardy and Ken Anderson later tonight.

AJ Styles against Kurt Angle will take place. No matter how many times we've seen that one, always at least the chance for some decent action, providing it gets any time.

Bully Ray and Crimson defeated Austin Aries and Matt Morgan

These feuds, both of them, must continue. To be fair, this results in a pretty decent tag team encounter, with Bully Ray using illegal means, in the form of roll up with the tights. Aries has to beat Bully Ray at the end of the tunnel.

Jeff Hardy is ready for whatever title shot that he can get.

Garrett Bischoff is out, to talk with his team. Continue the throat shove TNA, continue the throat shove. His team puts him over. I think a small part of AJ Styles just died inside. Ric Flair is out, to say what we are all thinking, that Garrett Bischoff is nothing but a disgrace. There will be a retirement party for Eric [CENSORED DUE TO MATCH STIPULATIONS] next week. 

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels plot backstage, there is a secret. AJ's mom shot his dad in the back of the head and AJ took the fall to go to prison but AJ's father is really James Mitchell...wait wrong secret.

 The TNA Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe chat with the TNA Television Champion Devon. They will be summoned to the ring for a meeting later tonight.

Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles

This was a decent television match for the time it got on TNA Impact Wrestling. And what we saw of it, as there was a cut. Naturally these two have had far better but you know what, take what you can get right now. Kazarian and Daniels came out to stir up Styles, giving him a piece of paper, which is evidence of something. That he killed Katie Vick on May 19th or something along those lines. Meanwhile, Angle pins Styles. Yet is not too pleased. Well it is about time for a random Kurt Angle babyface turn anywhere.

Joseph Park is on the hunt for his brother still. You know, maybe that is the secret. Who really knows.

Hulk Hogan is in the ring to announce Fight Night, where new talent will come in to TNA once a month and be judged. Also champions or anyone will defend their belts against any challenger. Also the TNA Television Title will be defended each and every week. I'll give it about a month or two, just like the last time they said that the Television Title would be defended each and every week. The Fight Night sounds like an interesting concept on paper but we'll see. Also Rob Van Dam gets added to the number one contenders match, so it will be RVD, Mr. Anderson, and Jeff Hardy for the title.

Mr. Anderson promises to go for Bobby Roode, no matter how many people he has to defeat.

Tara, Miss Tessmacher, Mickie James, and Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Sarita, and Rosita

Eight Knockouts do battle in this match, but it is a background to set up a new number one contender for TNA Sacrifice. And it is Brooke Tessmacher, Miss Tessmacher of all people who rolls up Gail Kim for the pin. Well Gail Kim has beaten everyone else, so might as well. If Tessmacher ends the reign of Gail Kim, I don't know what to tell you.  

ODB and Eric Young are on their honeymoon. This is about what you might expect. Well depending on how much of a twisted imagination you might have, then it might not be anything like you expect.

Devon picked up the win over Gunner to retain the TNA Television Title

A former TNA Television Champion in his own right, the young man from Immortal named Gunner, took on Devon in a back and forth encounter, with Devon connecting with a huge spine buster for the pin. This bout was not too bad of a match. 

James Storm is out to talk about how he failed this past Sunday at TNA Lockdown. All true, he did in fact beat himself. Hopefully this is leading to Storm to come back stronger than ever at Slammiversary or even Bound for Glory and utterly decimate Roode to win the title. There is a one in five shot that this leads to a heel turn. But I do hope not. James Storm says perhaps his luck had run out.

Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson

A pretty good number one contenders match, once again for the time it got. RVD is your number one contender, getting a title shot for the second year in a row at TNA Sacrifice and being in the main event for the third year in a row. That is rather interesting and it will be Rob Van Dam against Bobby Roode for the title at TNA Sacrifice.

The post show for Lockdown was rather good and hopefully things are going to bode well for the road to Sacrifice and to the tenth anniversary of TNA Wrestling.

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