Thursday, April 19, 2012

WWE Stock Continues to Drop

The WWE Stock continues to dip yet again as the stock markets call it a day on Wall Street on April 19th 2012. Those who are following WWE Stock over the past number of weeks would notice that more often than not, the stock concludes on a level where it could be concluded to be a "new fifty two week low for WWE Stocks."

WWE Wrestlemania 28 was successful wasn't it? Brock Lesnar made his return to the company after eight long years. WWE should be riding a huge wave of moment but it is not all coming up roses for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Why Is WWE Stock Falling Like a Lead Balloon


A brief word on the stock market for those who are not following the game all that closely, is that the stock market is rather unstable. Any bit of news can cause the market average overall to really go up with a higher volume traded or go down with everyone selling of their stocks, trying to gain some level of money before the bottom falls out of the boat.

The run to WWE Wrestlemania is always a hot time for WWE, for business and fan interest standpoint.  The post Wrestlemania downswing is no exaggeration, as business tends to taper off, leading to the summer, with WWE not really bothering for anything fresh, with the same old return matches which have been seen at WWE Wrestlemania at the April Pay Per View and sometimes in the May Pay Per View. This has been a trend that has happened for years and years.

Yet for one looks at the stock market, one could see a horrifying metric. It is no secret that many companies live and die by the value of their stocks. Whether or not the company maintains its quality, if many people see that the company is having problems with an undervalued stock, then they will perceive the company as last. Both fans and investors a like may be reluctant to invest any money into WWE.

Fewer fans will buy Pay Per Views, fewer fans will buy merchandise. Wrestling is a long way since the two boom periods that it has had during the era of Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the 1990s nad the era of Hulk Hogan in the 1980s. 

Back to the stock, it is obviously partially a reflection of the market, but there are other companies that are surviving despite the economic woes many are feeling and the pain. Naturally, WWE is feeling the consequences of years and years of living with a pat hand, squandering sure fire storylines.

In many ways, WWE is a reflection of what is going on in the country. It is all about the games of politicians. The politicians and their inability to really see that the game has changed until it is too late, and then trying to secure their positions otherwise, have caused most to be thrown under the bus. A similar game can be played with the wrestlers in the back, people whispering about how some need to pay their dues.

Well if someone can make money, then you strike while the iron is hot. It is the wrestling business. If some pampered star gets offended, then there is the door. Good luck in finding a job in this economy. Especially as a professional wrestler.

The WWE Stock continues to drop day by day. And obviously many are trying to figure out a way to ease the bleeding. They are only less than a dollar away from the all time low and if we have learned anything from the American Economy, the bottom can be lower than we think.

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