Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Main Event of WWE Extreme Rules

On April 29th 2012, WWE will have Extreme Rules 2012, from the All State Arena in Chicago(well technically Rosemont Illinois), and we now have a potential rumored main event. Before we go right to this, here is a hint, remember what happened the last time the WWE had a Pay Per View from this arena?

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Main Event Rumor

Times up.

The big match is one on one for the WWE Championship, with CM Punk defending the WWE Championship against John Cena. It should be noted that the card is subjected to much change, but I do really have a very bad feeling about this one. I hope that WWE won't do what I think they are going do, as in Cena beating Punk in his hometown, to just drive the final nail in the coffin of Money in the Bank 2012, after the shoddy booking since the greatest match in WWE in years. But that's providing the match occurs. Also one on one, Kane will be taking on Randy Orton once again.

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