Monday, April 9, 2012

New NWA World Champion

It is hard to believe that the NWA Title would be considered remotely relevant in the year 2012, but never the less, it appears to be making a bit of a comeback, with one of of the cult favorites of the world of professional wrestling managing to capture the championship in a match that was taped for Hollywood. There are spoilers below, so beware. I'll give some time, before you have a chance to turn away.

Just take a deep breath, as there was a brand new NWA World Champion today and his name is....

Colt Cabana Wins the NWA World Title From Adam Pearce

Indeed, CM Punk's good friend, Colt Cabana has for the second time in his career won the National Wrestling Alliance Championship, from Adam Pearce, who seems to have a death grip of sorts on that belt, ever since NWA has broken away from TNA. The match took place on April 8th 2012, with Cabana picking up the win in a match taped for the NWA Hollywood show.

This was the second time where Colt Cabana has become the NWA World Champion. The second time was a brief six week title reign that he had in 2011. Will this title reign occur any longer? Only time will tell.

Regardless Colt Cabana has become the brand new NWA World Champion with his successful win over Adam Pearce. The lineage of the NWA World Title stretches back to 1948, with greats such as Ric Flair, Harley Race, Lou Thesz, and Jack Brisco holding the title. The belt has really taken a slight dip but perhaps it could be the beginning of a new golden age.

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