Monday, April 9, 2012

WWE RAW 04/09/12 Preview

Wrestlemania 28 has long since passed into the record books and WWE RAW this past Monday featured the first time Brock Lesnar stepped foot in a WWE ring in the past eight years. This week's RAW Supersshow on April 9th 2012, will hopefully continue that momentum and also the stars of a certain movie depicting three knuckleheads will be the guest hosts tonight on RAW.

WWE RAW Supershow April 9th 2012 Preview

Brock Lesnar returned this past Monday on RAW, to lay John Cena utterly to waste with the F-5. John Cena, fresh off of a loss to the Rock, suffered another brutal assault this past Monday. What will happen this Monday in Washington DC? What will John Cena have to say? Will Brock Lesnar be live at RAW this Monday?

Plus, the stars of the Three Stooges movie, coming out this Friday, will be the special guest hosts for RAW, with Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulo, and Sean Hayes taking the reigns for this Monday. No doubt there will be some hijinx but whether it will be entertaining or just merely a train wreck spectacle we'll just going to have to tune into RAW and wait and see.

Last week, a familiar face to some long time members of the WWE Universe, Lord Tensei made his debut on RAW. Will Lord Tensei make his presence known on RAW? Alex Riley certainly felt his presence this past Monday. Plus the second week that John Laurinaitis is in power as the RAW and Smackdown General Manager. Will our fearless leader continue to get drunk with power?

And speaking of getting drunk, last Monday, Chris Jericho assaulted CM Punk with a bottle of Jack Daniels, bathing him in beer. The feud between these two men who claim to be the best in the world is not far from over and things are going to escalate past their match at WWE Wrestlemania 28. CM Punk will also take on Mark Henry in a return match from last week tonight on RAW.

Tune into WWE RAW Superstar for all of the great action in WWE.

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