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ROH Wrestling 04/07/12 Review

It is now time to run down the events of Ring of Honor Wrestling that aired on April 7th 2012, taped on March 3rd 2012 on Sinclair Broadcasting Stations throughout the United States. We have quite the show, as we are moving past Showdown in the Sun and heading right towards Border Wars, the next Ring of Honor IPPV from Toronto. As a result, we have the finals of the March Mayhem Tournament, with four top competitors vying for the prize of $24,000 dollars, with Tomasso Ciampa, Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, and Mike Bennett all squaring off, eyes on the prize and eyes on the cash. Let's review ROH Wrestling 4/7/12.

Ring of Honor Wrestling Review 04/07/12

Last week is recapped. Davey Richards is serious business, Steen is Wrestling's Worst Nightmare, and Jim Cornette has the Cornette Face. Kevin Steen meets the vicious right hand of Davey Richards. If Steen doesn't win the title, then Ring of Honor will really blow this one. Then again, their track record for this sort of thing has not been the best.

The Young Bucks Triumph over Shiloh Jonze and TJ Perkins

The Ring of Honor Random Tag Team Generator brings up the team of TJ Perkins and Shiloh Jonze. The Bucks just seem to rather be present as part of the Ring of Honor Tag Team Division. They are a decent team to have exciting matches, but I can't see The Bucks winning the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles any time soon. Then again, you would have far worse choices. Bucks score with More Bang For Your Buck in an impressive tag team match. I do hope that the Bucks get some direction in ROH sometime soon. 

We see a recap with the break up and subsequent feud between Mike Mondo and Matt Taven. That is an intriguing thing to follow up and it almost seems like a belated April Fool's joke but we do have the match, next between Matt Taven and Mike Mondo on Ring of Honor.

Mike Mondo scores the win over Matt Taven

This was very much a low end developmental match. Who knew that Mike Mondo would have been the second most prominent member of the Spirit Squad in 2012. Then again, who knew that Nicky would be anything but a distant memory and look at him now. Dolph Ziggler for those who don't remember the Spirit Squad and trust me, I don't blame you if you don't. Cactus Jack DDT scores the win for Mike Mondo. This was a different match.

Inside Ring of Honor time and we already knew it was going to occur, but Davey Richards against Kevin Steen on May 12th 2012 from Toronto Ontario Canada at Border Wars. Also Rhino will be there, and Fit Freaking Finlay. That equals many buys. Providing there is not some kind of issue in Canada that causes GFL(keep wanting to write it GLF, which means I likely have the infamous Green Lantern Fan on the mind, which is distressing for many reasons) to bugger up again.

Tommaso Ciampa won the March Mayhem over Jay Lethal, Mike Bennett, and Adam Cole

The finals of the March Mayhem tournament, taking place on the April 7th 2012 edition of Ring of Honor. Reminds me of when WCW held Fall Brawl in the last week or two of the summer. Okay, it technically was taped in March, but still point stands. Naturally Mike Bennett is the first one eliminated. This has been a strange set of television tapings as nothing that happens has had any bearing that have happened on any of the ROH IPPVs on Go Fight Live. Ciampa eliminates Jay Lethal, the Ring of Honor Television Champion at that taping but now he isn't to further prove my point, with a Man Size Knee right to the head. Adam Cole and Ciampa have a nice little sequence that ends with Ciampa becoming Twenty Four Thousand Dollars richer with the Project Ciampa.

Next couple of weeks are going to be some highlight stuff, as we continue on April 28th 2012, with the first set from the April 7th 2012, spoilers can be found on this very blog. We're on the road to Border Wars on May 12th 2012. If we can only manage to get our tapings in line properly, but continuity has been a problem with Ring of Honor since when Gabe was around.

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