Sunday, April 8, 2012

ROH Leaves Go Fight Live

I am sure that many Ring of Honor fans rejoined to hear a tweet from Kevin Kelly earlier today, that Border Wars on May 12th 2012, the latest Ring of Honor Wrestling Pay Per View would in fact be airing on IPPV, but not on Go Fight Live. After the events of the Showdown in the Sun Pay Per Views, on top of the many other production snafus that have been occurring with Go Fight Live, it is the last straw.

Ring of Honor To Leave Go Fight Live, Looking Into Alternate Avenues

While it should be understood that production errors will happen, to have them too often makes everyone involved look kind of bush league and second rate. The problems with the Showdown in the Sun ROH IPPV were rather prominent, with the commentary being grossly out of sync with the live broadcast of Day One and then due to problems in the building in Florida(which granted was kind out of out GFL's hands, due to some issues with the Internet that occurred during the weekend), two of the ROH Pay Per View matches were not aired on Showdown in the Sun Day 2.

There have been a great deal of production flubs and snafus right in Ring of Honor ever since their time on Go Fight Live. Obviously while Ring of Honor has not be the model for perfection, a lot of it can be thrown right on the shoulders of the Pay Per View provider. Therefore, ROH will be looking into alternative sources of Pay Per Views, starting with their next Internet Pay Per View. The Dragon Gate USA Pay Per Views, while I've never watched them, have been reported to not have the problems that the Go Fight Live Produced Ring of Honor Wrestling Pay Per Views have.

Border Wars is the next event, headlined by the long awaited ROH Championship match with Kevin Steen challenging Davey Richards. Plus Fit Finlay and Rhino will both be competing. You don't want to miss Border Wars, May 12th 2012, in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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