Saturday, April 14, 2012

Smackdown House Show Results 04/14/12

It is time to take a look at the results from the WWE Smackdown House Show that took place in Manchester on April 14th 2012, headlined by Randy Orton taking on Kane in a No Disqualification Match. Plus the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defends the title against the former champion Daniel Bryan.

WWE Smackdown House Show Results April 14th 2012 Manchester England.

The Great Khali crushed Jinder Mahal in the usual match.

William Regal and Tyson Kidd took down the dastardly duo of Hunico and Comacho.

With Hornswoggle standing in as the special referee, AJ picked up the win over Natalya.

Albert Del Rio continued his comeback trail by defeating Ezekiel Jackson. But naturally you already knew that.

The Big Show hung onto the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Cody Rhodes.

Mark Henry crushed Yoshi Tatsu.

Randy Orton triumphed in a No Disqualificcation Match against Kane. Randy Orton was over with the crowd.

Sheamus kept the World Heavyweight Title over Daniel Bryan.

This was another good show for World Wrestling Entertainment, from Manchester on April 14th 2012, as their post Wrestlemania 28 International Tour continues.

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