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WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Review

Welcome to the review of WWE Extreme Rules 2012. On this night, Brock Lesnar wrestles his first in ring WWE Match in eight years against John Cena in an Extreme Rules Match. Chris Jericho takes on CM Punk in a Chicago Streetfight for the WWE Championship and Sheamus defends the World Heavyweight Title against Daniel Bryan in a Best Two Out of Three Falls. Let's watch WWE Extreme Rules 2012 and run down all of the results.

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Review

Santino Marella defeated the Miz to retain the WWE United States Title

I find it funny that Santino is getting the title reign that many of us thought Zack Ryder should have had. I like Santino, but it is obvious which one is WWE's pet and which one is an annoyance to WWE's management. This is on the YouTube Preshow which I enjoy having as it takes me back to the days of the Free For All on the Prevue Channel (that really dates me, I know).

Anyway, Miz is not too happy about being regulated to the pre-show. He vows to win the title but despite a fight, but Miz eats the Cobra and Santino gets the win.

After some hype, we spin the wheel for the Big Show against Cody Rhodes, which is a Tables Match. Cody blames Teddy and Show laughs about Rhodes not putting him through a table.

Randy Orton defeated Kane

Insane opening match to kick things off at Extreme Rules. Lots of plunder involved throughout this match but in the end, Orton ends the match with the RKO on the chair. This should be the blowoff, because I don't think this feud has any steam left. Still good stuff to open up WWE Extreme Rules.

Brodus Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler

Usual Funaksarus Special with Brodus winning with a huge splash. Hornswoggle and Brodus celebrate after the match. Remember when everyone thought that Dolph Ziggler was going to be the next big main event heel on RAW? Yeah, not going to happen, I'd imagine.

Cody Rhodes defeated the Big Show to win the WWE Intercontinental Title

Not too good, with the table just collapsing right under the girth of the Big Show to give Rhodes the win and have him keep the title. Well the only reason why he lost the title was to have Big Show have his Wrestlemania moment. Show goes nuts and destroys Rhodes after the match.

Some words from Daniel Bryan but the real story is A.J. is lurking in the shadows. The plot thickens.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan in a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match

Daniel Bryan shows savvy getting himself disqualified during the first fall but it was a calculated risk to injure the arm of Sheamus, setting him up for the Yes Lock. However, Sheamus is not out for the count yet and comes back with the Brogue Kick to gain the deciding fall to keep the World Heavyweight Championship. A good match, this show is just redemption from Wrestlemania 28.

Ryback defeated Aaaron Relic and Jay Hatton

WWE has to get all of the attractions on this show. Ryback destroys the two jobbers, who got a hell of a gig, getting destroyed on Pay Per View. "Goldberg" chants, it was bound to happen. The jobbers were stacked up and Ryback gets the pin.

CM Punk retained the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho in a Chicago Streetfight

Both men got a long amount of time and this was a pretty long and good match. Lots of high impact offense, with Jericho eventually falling to the GTS for the pin.

Beth Phoenix is hurt and not cleared but we have a replacement. After a year, it's the return of Layla. Sadly not Kharma but we'll take what we can get.

Layla won the WWE Diva's Title over Nikki Bella

About what you would expect from these WWE Divas. Nikki Bella tried and Layla is about a step above most. Layla is the new champion, so yeah, we'll see where we go from here.

John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar

I enjoyed this match, it was a great one, other than the winner, as once again John Cena defied the odds and used an Attitude Adjustment, on the steps, to defeat Brock Lesnar. This was a great bout.

Cena hints that after years of being the top dog, he may be stepping away for a while. Well we'll see how this development plays out.

Overall this was a mixed bag of a show but the three matches that were good, were in fact good.

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