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ROH Wrestling Review 04/28/12

After a couple of weeks of clip shows, Ring of Honor Wrestling is back in business, with Ring of Honor Wrestling on April 28th 2012. On this show, we have the new Ring of Honor Television Champion Roderick Strong taking on Adam Cole. Plus the C and C Wrestling Factory of Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman enter the Proving Ground Against the ROH Tag Team Champions the Briscoe Brothers. Plus "The Man Beast" Rhino steps into the Ring of Honor Ring. Let's watch Ring of Honor Wrestling 4/28/12 and run down the results.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 4/28/12 Review

Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman defeated the Briscoe Brothers in a Provings Ground Match

We open up with a solid match here tonight on Ring of Honor Wrestling. The Briscoe Brothers are good as always and Alexander and Coleman are good enough to pull up their end. A top rope rana leads to a springboard splash, with Alexander scoring the pin. As a result of winning their Proving Grounds Match, the next time Coleman and Alexander take on the Briscoe Brothers it will be for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles. This match worked well.

Some hype for Border Wars on May 12th in Toronto. Davey Richards cuts a promo, promising to hurt Kevin Steen. Steen has to win the title because he'll never be in a better position but Ring of Honor has a history of holding off on the title change until their fanbase stops caring. (COUGHS Tyler Black)
Rhino has been transferred over from the Embassy to the House of Truth, with Prince Nana getting a healthy amount of money from Truth Martini.

Rhino defeated Vinny Marseglia

Kudos to Ring of Honor for finally doing a squash match that actually doesn't go on for a long amount of time. Gore puts down the jobber and Rhino gets the pin.

Next we got Jim Cornette in the ring, followed by Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs. Steen runs down Cornette, mocking him and here comes Davey Richards. Steen says that Richards loves Ring of Honor so much, that he leaves and goes to Japan or threatens to quit. Back and forth and the Package Piledriver will be legal for one night and they have to sign a waiver, where they want sue. Steen mockingly asks what he would sue Cornette for, old Smoky Mountain Wrestling Footage. It is on, Kevin Steen against Davey Richards for the Ring of Honor Championship at Border Wars with the Package Piledriver banned.

Border Wars is Previewed. Kevin Steen against Davey Richards, the Briscoe Brothers against Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, Lance Storm against Mike Bennett, for which Storm's interview that aired last week is shown. Also, Jay Lethal takes on Tomasso Ciampa, with Lethal vowing to take Ciampa's undefeated streak for Ciampa costing him the title back at Sundown in the Sun Day 2. Eddie Edwards takes on Rhino and Michael Elgin takes on Adam Cole. Go to for ordering information.

Recap of Strong winning the ROH Television Championship over Jay Lethal in Florida.

ROH Television Champion Roderick Strong defeated Adam Cole

Pretty decent closing match to end this show. Adam Cole seems to have a future, whether it is inside Ring of Honor or in another promotion, we'll just have to wait and see. Cole once again looked rather impressive, and it was only due to the interference of Michael Elgin, who distracts Cole to set up their match at Border Wars and allows Strong to hit one of his many backbreakers for the pin. Strong gets the win.

The road to Border Wars on May 12th continues with a solid Ring of Honor Wrestling Show with two great matches and a fun squash.

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