Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WWE NXT 04/11/12 Review

It is time for that review of the show that never ends, WWE NXT Season 5 Redemption. One on One for the entire world to see, for the third time, it will be Michael McGillicutty taking on Tyson Kidd. Let's not waste any time, let us head right into reviewing all of the highlights and all of the lowlights on NXT for April 11th 2012 and the results of this show.

WWE NXT 4/11/12 Review

 Percy Watson walks out for the opening match and Johnny Curtis creeps his way to the ring, along with Maxine. Regal orders Maxine to stay away from the ring, which she does, by opting to go over, towards the announcers table to work her magic on Master Regal.

Johnny Curtis defeated Percy Watson

Maxine appears to be enlisting Regal's help to deal with the situation regarding Matt Striker. There is a match between these two men in the middle of all of this, with Percy Watson being distracted. Johnny Curtis rolls up Percy Watson, taking advantage of the distraction to score the pin.

Segment backstage with Hawkins and Reks reminding Maxine that she should hold up her end of the deal and not to double cross them. Maxine uses some fake tears to enlist Derrick Bateman to help her, claiming harassment on the part of Reks and Hawkins. Kaitlyn is dubious. Just a typical day backstage at NXT.

Time for some more NXT The Soap Opera. Our players this time are Tamina, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. Titus O'Neil extends a peace offering to Tamina by giving her a coconut tree. Darren Young meanwhile is not too happy as he has been c*ck blocked by Titus O'Neil, in a sense. Titus says that he is better and he is the Player from the Himalaya. Sonjay Dutt?

And next week have Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn chatting backstage about the days of NXT when they used to have challenges. A muffled sound in the closet, indicates that Matt Striker is tied up and struggling. Kaitlyn and Bateman free Striker and he stumbles off, as the cane of Curt Hawkins is on the crime scene.

Recap of the angle featuring Brock Lesnar and John Cena on RAW, with John Cena's mouth being bloodied and the assault by Lesnar. Brock Lesnar versus John Cena at Extreme Rules on April 29th 2012. Might as well.

Regal pops up, after repeating some of the insults he gave Reks and Hawkins, demands that they find Matt Striker or there be consequences. They'll have to watch all of NXT Season 3. Okay he didn't say that but you know. Reks and Hawkins are there at the closet, but Matt Striker is there. Here comes Maxine and Johnny Curtis, with Maxine being called "Scary Sherri" in a reference that I appreciated even if no one else didn't. The tables have been turned and Reks and Hawkins may be in the stew

Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty

A nice highlight package to showcase this feud is shown before this match. A bit of a slow start, but it picked up. In the end, Kidd wins with a new submission move, where he scissors the head and legs simultaneously. Kidd wins the third and final battle.   A pretty good main event headlines NXT this week.

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