Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ambrose and Foley WWE Feud

Now if this pans out on television, I'll be hyped, although I do wonder how much beating Mick Foley will for a guy like Dean Ambrose in the year 2012. It does have a chance to be rather magical when you think about it or it could be a disappointment.

The Battle Between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose

 It all started at Wrestlemania Weekend, with a bit of an altercation between the brash Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley. Things got a little heated, to the point where it was reported that Dean Ambrose was sent home due to Foley not being comfortable.

Most of this was done on Twitter, I should note. Which really I'm not quite sure how I feel about a feud being built on Twitter. Social media does rule the day, but I am going to explain something to WWE. Twitter should be a supplement to the product and not the other way around.

People can go to Twitter to get a bit more understanding but people should not have to know what is going on in Twitter. Their understanding of the feud should not hinge on something that happens outside of the context of the television canon, which is RAW, Smackdown, and Pay Per Views.  I fear that Dean Ambrose will go on WWE television and get less than no reaction, because let's face it, we all can see where this is going.

And it will be his fault and it will be another competitor with all of the promise in the world that will be ruined, because WWE had to be socially relevant. Twitter can be useful but if WWE relies on it as a crutch so they don't have to write engaging television, your business will spiral even further off the cliff.

Let's face it, you can trend thirty times and day and it won't put much more money on their pocket. I think that someone got it in their head that social media will bring them to a new boom period. While it might gain the interest of a few new fans that will put money, it is going to rather put off your core audience if you ram it down their throats.

Getting back to the subject of Ambrose and Foley, they do have the potential to work some magic. I don't know how many tricks Mick Foley has in the tank, as even towards the end in WWE in about 2007-2008 it was obvious that he was running on fumes. And even more so in his run during TNA.

Dean Ambrose could be a big time player. As a fan, I hope that we don't get cheated out of his much long hyped return match with William Regal on Florida Championship Wrestling. If we can find a way to work William Regal into this entire feud with Foley and Ambrose, I'd love that but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm just reserving further judgment until I actually see the feud on television and will only be judging it by what is done on television. Still Ambrose could be big but we'll see what Foley can do and what Ambrose can do in there with Mick Foley.

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