Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WWE NXT Spoilers 04/25/12

Here are the spoilers for the show where the fun never stops, WWE NXT for April 25th 2012.

WWE NXT Results 4/25/12

 Derrick Bateman picked up the win over JTG, who I am honestly shocked is still employed.

Kaitlyn and Tamina defeated Natalya and Maxine. 1) Natalya is apparently a heel this week, teaming with Maxine. Then again, alignment is a trivial manner on NXT. 2) Unless Johnny Curtis is handcuffed to Maxine during this entire match, this match is a fail.

Tyson Kidd won in the main event against Johnny Curtis. Unless Maxine is chained to the wrist of Johnny Curtis during the entire match...well slightly less of a fail than before, because Tyson Kidd is awesome.

There are your WWE NXT Spoilers. You can watch WWE NXT 4/25/12 Wednesday on WWE.Com

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