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Florida Championship Wrestling Review 04/22/12

Our recap of the superstars of the future of World Wrestling Entertainment tomorrow today is live with Florida Championship Wrestling from April 22nd 2012. In our feature bout this evening, the Florida Championship Wrestling Tag Team Titles will be on the line, when the champions Corey Graves and Jake Carter defend against Mike Dalton and CJ Parker. Let's get into the review of Florida Championship Wrestling 4/22/12

Florida Championship Wrestling April 22nd 2012 Review

 William Regal, Bryon Saxton, and Chris Russo are your commentators tonight on Florida Championship Wrestling  and they hype the tag team titles being on the line later tonight. Two relatively new teams should be one to watch.

Jason Jordan is out. Lights please, spotlight please, and here comes Damien Sandow, one of the newest additions of the WWE Smackdown roster. Sandow talks some trash, telling the fans silent as they chant "Diva" or maybe "Cena", it was hard to tell. He belittles Jason Jordan and tells us that we are welcome.

Jason Jordan defeated Damien Sandow. 

Most certainly chants of "Diva" directed towards Damien Sandow, who is on his way up to Smackdown. Sandow does exercises that William Regal attributes to Martin "Farmer" Burns. He pulls out a Cattle Mutilation, shades of Daniel Bryan. Cartwheel by Sandow, which shows his arrogance. Then Jason Jordan pulls out a bridging cradle for the pin, with a major upset. Good opener, with the arrogance of Sandow being brought up to Smackdown causing the upstart to sneak a win off against him. 

Jordan celebrates as Sandow is beside himself.

Conor O'Brian defeated Jiro

Cue the seizure inducing lights as Kenneth Cameron brings out Conor O'Brian. Jiro was already in the ring. O'Brian hits a bicycle kick after throwing himself to his back for the victory. The Ascension stands tall on Florida Championshp Wrestling. This match served its purpose. 

Raquel Diaz cuts a promo this week. Not her best work for sure. Then again the Diva's Division on Florida Championship Wrestling is not the best put together.

We go back and Leakee was injured two months ago. A decent promo, Leakee is rather well spoken, as he knows who did it and it was something that was done out of jealousy and malice. He talks about the big Wrestlemania 28 weekend and how it was an important thing for his family, with Yokozuna in the Hall of Fame and the Rock competing at Wrestlemania 28. He vows to be a part of Wrestlemania 29. I don't know about that, but noble ambitions.

Bray Wyatt is out, with Eli Cottonwood standing in the background. This was quite the promo. He talks about how he doesn't have much use for Twitter or Facebook and talks about all of the lies that have been spread about Bray Wyatt on the Internet. He says that he is hear to cleanse our minds, defeat all of the moral monsters. He says that he might be crazy, but some people said that about a certain long haired carpenter. He starts singing "time is on his side." A good promo, but I can't see this gimmick making it out of Florida, as it is too edgy for the PG WWE. If this was in the Attitude Era, Bray Wyatt would be a good mid level heel but now, not likely.

Bray Wyatt defeated Aiden English. 

Wyatt shakes the hands of the referee and his opponent. Avalanche right into the waltz, no I'm serious, Wyatt danced with his opponent. I think I might as well just stop the recap because I've seen everything. Alas, I must press up. Flatliner and then Wyatt hits a modified sidewalk slam to score the pin. Bray Wyatt puts down English on Florida Championship Wrestling. 

Then we have Seth Rollins cut a promo. EGADS WHAT THE HELL DID SETH ROLLINS DO TO HIS HAIR! It's putrid looking. Rollins will be taking on Kassius Ohno next week for the Florida Championship. Anything's better than hearing Seth Rollins attempting to cut a promo. Should be a good match next week.

AW, Abraham Washington,  is out, talking about how he is going to lead Mark Henry to the WWE Championship in WWE and he has a track record of champions, with the Florida Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions Corey Graves and Jake Carter being the prime example.

Florida Tag Team Champions Jake Carter and Corey Graves retained their titles over CJ Parker and Mike Dalton

A long match between these two tag teams. Not too bad but I'm not sure if having an extended old school tag team match was the best thing for these two teams. In the end, the cane of AW proves to be the deciding factor, leading to the pin on Mike Dalton.

Not one of the stronger efforts from Florida Championship Wrestling, but it did have its moments. So long from the Sunshine State.

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