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WWE RAW Review 04/16/12

On WWE RAW for April 16th 2012, WWE continues their International Tour from London, England. The WWE Championship will be on the line when CM Punk puts the belt on the line against Mark Henry in a No Disqualification Match. Plus John Cena prepares for battle with Brock Lesnar. Now is not the time for chat, it is the time to sit down and watch WWE RAW for April 16th 2012.

WWE RAW 4/16/12 Review

 Things are going to be kicked off wide open with a bang for the WWE Championship with CM Punk taking on Mark Henry in a No Disqualification on WWE RAW this week.

CM Punk defeated Mark Henry to retain the WWE Championship in a No Disqualification

These two men had an excellent match. I really enjoyed this match, it was worked smartly and CM Punk found a way to take down the monster. Chair assisted Savage Elbow Drop gets the win, after Henry collided with the chair. Punk is still your WWE Champion and that is one hundred percent awesome.

Chris Jericho is out to have a chit-chat with Punk. At Extreme Rules, they will be meeting for the WWE Championship in a Chicago Streetfight. Jericho would like to blow a hole through the straight edge image of Punk, by showing Punk leaving the pub. Jericho continues to get inside the head of Punk, but I think that WWE in some ways are struggling to keep this story going.

R-Truth is Sherlock Holmes. I kid you not.

WWE United States Champion Santino Marella hangs onto the top over David Otunga

Yeah, this match again. That about figures. Santino keeps the title another week with the Cobra. I expect Otunga will have the title before it is all said and done. 

Lord Tensai cuts a promo about the unknown. Oh believe me, the real unknown is yet to come.

Brock Lesnar cuts an epic promo coming up next. He swears some and there is only one thing that makes him happy and that is the destruction of other people in the ring. Nice job by WWE of building up Lesnar as not just another WWE Superstar, at least for the moment. He needs to annihilate John Cena like few men in wrestling have been annihilated.

Kane destroys Zack Ryder with a huge choke slam for old times sake. Then he talks about the Ortons, as this feud is going to continue. I cannot think of a main event feud in recent memory that I have felt more apathy for in WWE.

Kofi Kingston is chatting with AJ, much to the displeasure of Daniel Bryan. The LaBell Lock has been renamed into the Yes Lock. That's just great. And tonight, Kofi will be doing some tapping to it.

Three hours of RAW next week. Someone fetch me my sedative! 

Here's Johnny! Our fearless leader makes Brock Lesnar taking on John Cena an Extreme Rules Match and next week, there will be a Contract Signing! Great, I'm so freaking sick of contract signings. Cena also has a super secret mystery opponent tonight.

R-Truth is still on the hunt.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kofi Kingston

About as fun as one would expect. Bryan applies the YES Lock to score the submission win on Kofi Kingston. They got some good time. Sheamus runs out and attacks Daniel Bryan because they have a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match at Extreme Rules.

Brodus Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler via disqualification

Perhaps the first proper match for Brodus Clay. Ziggler will die to make anyone look good to seem which is a good trait for his upward mobility but perhaps not a good trait for his future health and comfort. Jack Swagger interfers for the disqualification and this leads to a huge brawl.

Backstage fun with Johnny Boy, Eve, and David Otunga. Eve appears to want Johnny's Ace, if you catch my drift.

R-Truth and Teddy Long have a moment backstage, with Truth saying that Long can be the General Manager of Smackdown. Long was fired but Truth argues that he has an in. What the point of these segments were, other to do a Sherlock Holmes parody, I won't know.

Big Show and the Great Khali defeated Primo and Epico

The WWE Tag Team Champions get jobbed big time here. Punjabi Plunge and Choke Slam puts them down.

Our mystery opponent is Lord Tensai.

Lord Tensai defeated John Cena

John Cena loses to the dreaded green mist of death by Tensai. I was rather pleased with the outcome of this match. Tensai put down Cena for the pin and it really makes Cena look rather vulnerable for once leading into Extreme Rules with Brock Lesnar. Lesnar should steam roll him as well.

Overall, the opening match was good, Lesnar promo was good, and Cena losing to Tensai was fun, but this show was a mixed bag.

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