Monday, April 16, 2012

WWE Stocks 52 Week Low

World Wrestling Entertainment stock seems to be right on a downward trend, hitting a fifty two week low once again, after hitting a previous fifty two week low last week. As of right now, the fifty two week low is $8.05 per share, but there is always a danger of those prices dropping down to another level.

Why Has the WWE’s Stock Dropped

WWE has experienced a brand new fifty two week low numerous times over the past month, with the drop being the latest. With the stock market on shaky ground and the wrestling business being something that when it is on its way down, it crashes hard, this can be an extremely brutal combination to deal with.

There are many reasons why WWE is on the way down. For one, pretty much the stock market experiences dramatic shifts, up to down on any number of times. The economy is rather unstable, despite the assurances of the government that things are getting better. WWE is feeling the heat of decades of reckless spending.

Another and more frustrating reason is the simple fact that interest in professional wrestling from the casual fan is something that is not at the best right now. Years and years of running with a pat hand have caused WWE to tumble down in many metrics, with their stock being valued at a lower point. People are just tired of the same old, same old, which in a business like wrestling can be bad.

Things can get stale in entertainment and sports when the same faces are shown. WWE being both, they get a double hit.

On the bright side, the Rock versus John Cena build up for over a year did in pay off in a big way. Wrestlemania 28 received 1.3 million buys worldwide. This broke the record set by Trump and McMahon’s big hair versus hair showdown in 2007. This is just one bit of good news for WWE and obviously had Wrestlemania been a disaster, then that would have contributed greatly to the further decline of the WWE Stock price at a more rapid rate.

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