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WWE Superstars Review 04/05/12

It is now time for WWE Superstars for April 5th 2012. In this afternoon’s main event, Heath Slater goes one on one with R-Truth. It is time to watch WWE Superstars 4/5/12 and review all of the highlights.

WWE Superstars Review 4/5/12

We head back to RAW later with Brock Lesnar making his return to WWE and attacking John Cena.

Hunico defeated Tyson Kidd

We kick things off for the 2012-2013 WWE season for Superstars with a really great match between two of the young superstars in WWE, Hunico and Tyson Kidd. This is just the latest in the string of really good Hunico matches, so he’s really gaining some traction as a solid competitor in WWE. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he is in there with Tyson Kidd, who is great. Back and forth match, with Hunico pulling out the win with a modified Angle Slam for the pin. A good match as we kick off things on WWE Superstars this week.
I just have a feeling I’ll be sick of the words “the most socially active week in WWE history” by the end of the week. Trump your horn just a little more WWE why don’t you? I’ve never seen a company that is so successful have such a low sense of self esteem.

Usos defeated Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

This match coupled with the fact that the kidnapped Matt Striker was present in the last match, leads me to believe that NXT exists only in a Phantom Zone singularity that is just a shadow copy of the WWE that we know and Johnny Curtis may be the only one who knows the truth. Either that or wrestling might not be on the level, but what would the fun of that answer be?That being said, decent tag team match but seen this one a few times. Double Samoan Drop sets up the big splash on Hawkins for the pin, the Usos win, hopefully they’ll get the tag team titles soon, actually if Epico keeps running his mouth, they might get it sooner.

R-Truth defeated Heath Slater
Heath Slater kicks Little Jimmy at the bell and R-Truth is not happy that his invisible little friend has been attacked. Slater gains the brief advantage, but R-Truth pulls out the Little Jimmy to score the pin.

Recap of John Cena’s ending promo and Brock Lesnar showing up.

WWE Superstars 4/5/12 Results
Hunico defeated Tyson Kidd
The Usos defeated Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins.
R-Truth defeated Heath Slater

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