Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top Three Wrestlemania 29 Matches

It is really fun to speculate on what it is going to happen in professional wrestling, especially when you are so far off of the mark that it is absolutely hilarious. And I'll be honest with you, given conventional wisdom pre-Wrestlemania 28, with what we knew, those rumored matches for Wrestlemania 29, did make a lot of sense. And these Wrestlemania 29 top matches that are planned will make sense as of April 5th 2012 but will they make sense come October or November.

No plans are set in stone in wrestling until announced officially by the company and even then, injuries do in fact happen.

The Rumored Top Three Matches for Wrestlemania 29

No doubt there will be many bitter tears from those in the WWE locker room over this and I'll question the wisdom of going back to the same old guys again and again. I'm not sure if we're getting towards TNA at their very worst yet, but WWE is playing a very dangerous game not building new stars while guying back to the same old big names from the good old days. 

Brock Lesnar against the Rock II is rumored for Wrestlemania 28. For those who watched their match at Summerslam 2002, you should know that they are capable of putting on a good match. Of course, nearly eleven years after the first match, things have changed. I think that they are capable of putting on an engaging match that will get the fans hyped.

The Undertaker will square off against John Cena one on one. I'm intrigued about this one, as this year was the perfect cap for the Undertaker and I'm not sure if I can stomach John Cena ending the Undertaker's historic Wrestlemania winning streak. Plus John Cena isn't going to gain much of anything. And I'm not sure anyone is going to gain anything by defeating the Undertaker. The Undertaker is beloved and while some fans might think that his streak ending is a good thing, whoever ends the streak will be a pariah the likes of which has never been seen in wrestling history. Then again how much more hated can John Cena get?

CM Punk versus Stone Cold Steve Austin is the other big rumored main event match for Wrestlemania 29. I'm sure this one might be entertaining and Austin says he is feeling up to it. Punk is the closest thing to a new main event superstar that we have in this trio of rumored Wrestlemania 29 matches and it would be almost five years since his first World Title win, so rather that would be new is up for debate.

Then again, who really knows. All of these matches are interesting and it saves WWE from actually making any long term new stars for another year. But how long can they coast?

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