Friday, May 11, 2012

Cena Divorce Consequences for WWE

On May 10th 2012, big news broke that one of the biggest stars in wrestling today, no less than John Cena, has filed for divorce. This divorce has caused many to stand up and speculation. While John Cena has had a pre-nup signed, his soon to be ex-wife, has hired the divorce attorney of one Linda Bollea, who as we know, took the Hulkster to the cleaners for more than she deserved.

Back in 2009, John Cena married his high school sweetheart, a woman named Liz Huberdeau. Despite the fact that the couple had been only been married for three years, they had been reported to be together for the last fourteen years or so.

Cena, being more intelligent then most in wrestling and perhaps saying what divorces did to big stars like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, got a pre-nup. The pre-nup allowed him to take away gifts, which is rather intriguing. The marriage has had irreconcilable differences that has lead right to the point where they are going to divorce.

The fact that the divorce attorney of Linda Bollea/Hogan is going to be involved is going to prove this to be nastier. There have been many who have speculated that this divorce will be nastier than the Hogan Circus.

Which brings us to the ramifications of this divorce for John Cena and wrestling. Granted, wrestling is such that these days where the ramifications might not be too big in the actual real world but inside the wrestling bubble, depending on what kind of coverage this gets outside of the standard wrestling news sites and what comes out, this could be big.

The latest John Cena merchandise, yeah if it comes out that Cena has done something that is not becoming of a role model such as himself, there might be a rather sizable backlash from his portion of fans.

It is likely that it might come out that the supposed clean living John Cena might be on steroids. Which would really be damaging to Cena, WWE, and the final nail in the already stunted credibility of the Wellness Policy. Actually, that might be the kindest thing that could come out from this divorce, should there be any dirty.

Of course, it could end up that Cena's soon to be ex-wife could get a rather sizable "shut up settlement" by WWE to protect their investment and their top draw. That Cena merchandise is worth a lot of money to WWE and you would expect that they would do what they can to silence parties that can threaten that.

The divorce rate in wrestling is high and Cena won't be the last wrestler to have his relationship destroyed by wrestling.

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