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Impact Wrestling 05/10/12 Review

It is Thursday Night again and time for Impact Wrestling, three days before TNA Sacrifice 2012. Tonight we have the TNA World Champion Bobby Roode taking on Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, and Jeff Hardy in a match with huge TNA Sacrifice Implications. Plus Joseph Park is on the hunt and will confront Bully Ray and Daniels and Kazarian will reveal the secret of AJ Styles. Let's watch Impact Wrestling for May 10th 2012 and run down the results.

Impact Wrestling Review May 10th 2012

The TNA Champion, Mr. It Factor himself Bobby Roode is out at the beginning show. He brags about the length of his title reign. He's on track to holding the TNA Championship for longer than the history of the company. Man has a point. While Jeff Jarrett was technically the top man for longer for eleven grueling months, that was the NWA Championship, not the TNA Championship.

Out comes Rob Van Dam and we have a brawl. Mr. Anderson is out, Jeff Hardy is out, and here comes the TNA Director of Authority Hulk Hogan. Hogan sets up the main event for tonight, fatal four way between Roode, Hardy, Anderson, and RVD, where if Anderson or Hardy win, they get the title shot but should RVD or Roode win, then they will get to pick the stipulation. Nice, easy and effective opening segment to kick things off on Impact Wrestling this week. 

Bully Ray promises bad things for Austin Aries.

James Storm is to break his silence tonight.

Brooke Tessmacher defeated Velvet Sky

Oh boy this could be either painful or passable. Not too bad, given what it could have been. Tessmacher gets the win because she's the challenger of the month and then Gail Kim lays her out after the match. I don't think there is a hope in hell that Tessmacher is winning which means there is a fifty percent chance that she is winning. 

AJ Styles refuses to talk about the secret.

Jeff Hardy wants to get in the title picture.

We were supposed to have Matt Morgan against Crimson but Crimson attacks and Morgan is taken out on a stretcher. Which means I don't have to see Crimson or Morgan wrestle! YES!  Technically Crimson wins by countout or forfeit, but the point is this is the best Crimson vs. Matt Morgan match ever. Five star classic.

TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries retained the title over Zema Ion

Match was a pretty decent one and it really was a fairly acceptable four minutes of wrestling action. Aries pulls out the win with a Brain Buster for the pin.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels talk about the secret at hand.

 It is time for the secret to be revealed. And the secret is that AJ Styles may have been in a torrid relationship with Dixie Carter. AJ Styles is absolutely dumbstruck in the ring.

TNA Television Champion Devon defeated Robbie E

Devon scores the win after fighting off Robbie E and Robbie T. Then Robbie T lays out Devon and Robbie E poses with the belt. So this feud must go on.

James Storm cuts a promo, talking about the events of Lockdown had made him second guess himself.

Devon throws a challenge out to both Robbie E and Robbie T for a Handicap Match at Sacrifice. That sounds like a putrid match.

Joseph Park is in the ring, cutting a promo about how Bully Ray seems to be the common factor involving the entire situation with Abyss. Here comes the Bully himself. Bully Ray rips right into Park, saying that he is sick. Park brings up the past failures of Bully Ray and Bully Ray takes a shot at Park. But Park is not bothered, but rather smiling.  

Mr. Anderson has words involving the main event.

Kurt Angle warns AJ Styles that he needs to focus on their match on Sunday.

Rob Van Dam defeated Bobby Roode, Mr. Anderson, and Jeff Hardy

Wild fatal four way match to conclude things on Impact Wrestling this week. Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy brawl with each other and Rob Van Dam pinned Bobby Roode with the Five Star Frog Splash. As a result he gets a Ladder Match.

The last bit, we get the abrupt return of Abyss, who warns his brother about playing with fire.

Overall, middle of the road Impact Wrestling but Sacrifice is a middle of the road Pay Per View

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