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FCW 5/20/12 Review

It is now time for a very belated Florida Championship Report for May 20th 2012. On this show, we'll see in action, for the number one contendership for the Florida Championship, with Kassius Ohno taking on Bo Rotundo. Plus the Jack Brisco Classic will be at stake, when the FCW 15 Title is on the line featuring Richie Steamboat taking on his long time rival Brad Maddox. Let's sit down and watch Florida Championship Wrestling 5/20/12

Florida Championship Wrestling 5/20/12


First the Results

Florida Championship Wrestling 5/20/12 Results

Corey Graves and Jake Carter retained their Florida Tag Team Titles against the duo of the Ascension, of Kenneth Cameron and Conor O'Brain in a short match.

Paige against Raquel Diaz is set up for next week.

The Florida Champion Seth Rollins defeated Big E. Langston with a Curb Stomp.

Antonio Cesaro cuts a promo ripping into Kassius Ohno and says that this is the last time we'll see him in FCW.

Richie Steamboat and Brad Maddox fought to a 1-1 tie for the FCW 15 Title.

Bo Rotundo defeated Kassius Ohno to get a shot at Seth Rollins, with some help from Antonio Cesaro.

Florida Championship Wrestling 5/20/12 Review

Hype for tonight's main event with Bryon Saxton and Chris Russo, with Kassius Ohno against Bo Rotundo for the nubmer one contender for the FCW Championship later tonight.

A.W. is out, for the usual fun and games, as he calls out his team, the Florida Tag Team Champions Jake Carter and Corey Graves to take on the duo of The Ascension, the undefeated team of Kenneth Cameron and Conor O'Brian.

The Florida Tag Team Champions Jake Carter and Corey Graves retained the FCW Tag Team Titles over Kenneth Cameron and Conor O'Brain

Months of the Ascension being belt as the big tag team in Florida Championship wrestling and they lose in a four minute bout. On the one hand, it makes the champions look strong but on the other hand, its not like anyone is going to care and they're going to even get called up together. Match was what it was. Illegal tactics get the win with a little help from A.W.

Raquel Diaz, the FCW Diva's Champion, is out for a few words from the fans. She's in a good mood, because she doesn't have to defend the title. Out comes Paige and Sofia Cortez to confront Raquel Diaz about not being part of the Anti-Diva Movement. Both Paige and Sofia want title shots, which Raquel scoffs out. Raquel is heeling it up but it just seems a bit forced. We have a match between Paige and Raquel Diaz next week.

Seth Rollins defeated Big E. Langston

This match happened. These are the two people on the roster that are the top of the least likely that I would consider putting together in a match would be a good idea. I was captivated by this match. I wasn't necessary bad, but you expected a hole to rip open in the fabric of space time because of the sheer implausibility of the match. Big Ending is avoided by the champion and Rollins hits the Curb Stomp for the pin.

Things get awesome, as Antonio Cesaro talks about his match last week, blaming Kassius Ohno for the loss. Cesaro says that Kassius is jealous of him, because he is and I quote "Unknockoutable". Cesaro says that he's always been better than Ohno and he came back to FCW out of the goodness of his heart. He's a Smackdown Superstar and Ohno is starting on FCW. Cesaro threatens that this will be the last time he'll see him and tells us to have a nice life. Only time will tell but this is a great promo.

Richie Steamboat battled Brad Maddox to a 1-1 tie, with Steamboat retaining FCW 15 Title

Maddox works over the arm, with back and forth with Steamboat for the first few minutes, until Brad Maddox hits the Dealbreaker with 11:29 to go 1-0, getting the lead over the champion. Maddox continues to work over the arm of Steamboat but Richie Steamboat begins to fight back, before he pulls out the superkick to tie things up 1-1 with 7:58 remaining. Back and forth, with Maddox unable to put Steamboat away. Maddox eventually loses it and grabs a chair. Naturally this backfires and Steamboat superkicks the chair in his face with two seconds left. The match ends on a 1-1 tie. Fair enough match but didn't have the spark of some of the other FCW 15 Matches like Rollins/Ambrose, Steamboat/Sandow, Cesaro/Steamboat, and the like.

Bo Rotundo defeated Kassius Ohno

It took a couple of months but Kassius Ohno has hit a stride and he lifts Bo Rotundo to a pretty good performance. Not that Bo is bad, but still, Ohno really appears to be getting into the groove after the last couple of matches. Intense match, that ends with Antonio Cesaro popping Ohno right in the head and allowing Bo to get the shot at the title he never lost.

Bo Rotundo vs. Seth Rollins on May 27th 2012. Should be a great one. A good show.

So long from the sunshine state.

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