Monday, May 28, 2012

WWE RAW 05/28/12 Preview

It is Monday once again, which means it is time for WWE RAW Supershow for May 28th 2012. The superstars of the WWE will be ready to go, before their next Pay Per View, WWE No Way Out, on June 17th 2012. The WWE Universe in New Orleans Louisiana will be primed and ready to watch WWE RAW live on this Monday Night, May 28th 2012. Let's run down the events of WWE RAW for this Monday Night, live. 

WWE RAW Supershow Preview for May 28th 2012

Last week, the Big Show was reinstated and he made a huge impact, namely his fist right in John Cena's face. The match was set up for No Way Out, the Big Show taking on John Cena. Naturally the master plan of John Laurinaitis to make John Cena suffer is going to move right to its latest stage this Monday Night on RAW. Will anything go down between John Cena and the Big Show? We will just have to wait and see.

Back at Over the Limit, CM Punk retained the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. Punk has been the champion for the past seven months and as he heads in No Way Out, we'll have a better idea who Punk will be putting his championship on the line. As always, the WWE Champion is ready and willing for a huge challenge. This Monday we'll have a better hunch about what that particular challenge may be.

Events of last week, may mandate that Randy Orton will not be getting his hands on Chris Jericho any time soon. The Viper is always waiting for his prey. Given that due to Chris Jericho stomping a Brazil Flag and being suspended for it, there is a pretty good chance that he might not be at RAW and might be on his way out. Or is he? Anything can happen in WWE.

The events over recent weeks between Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, and Triple H have been boiling point. As we watch WWE RAW live this Monday, we may get a further insight. Especially given this past weekend, Brock Lesnar popped up at his most recent company in the ground at UFC 146. This got the fans buzzinng.

RAW is live this Monday, on May 28th 2012 from New Orleans, Louisiana. Some of the top superstars of RAW and Smackdown will be in the house, which will be rocking. Watch WWE RAW live always each and every week at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on the USA Network, for all the insane action on this Memorial Day 2012.

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