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FCW Review 04/29/12

It is that time of the week, time to review World Wrestling Entertainment's weekly developmental show, Florida Championship Wrestling. This is Florida Championship Wrestling, airing for the first time on April 29th 2012. You will see the future superstars of the WWE tomorrow, today, in great action. On this week's show, the main event will feature the Florida Championship on the line, when the defending champion Seth Rollins takes on Kassius Ohno. Let's run down the results and watch Florida Championship Wrestling 4/29/12.

Florida Championship Wrestling Review April 29th 2012

The trio of Chris Russo, Bryon Saxton, and William Regal  talking up the huge main event later tonight between the Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins defending against Kassius Ohno.

Rick Victor picked up the win over Benico Salazar

The World's Most Generic Luchadore is in action against Rick Victor here on Florida Championship Wrestling. Victor is escorted to the ring by Paige and Sofia Cortez. A fair enough opening match, with Victor destroying Salazar with a power bomb and blasts him with the European Uppercut for the pin. 

Backstage, James Bronson is not in the best of moods, after he lost two weeks ago to Dean Ambrose, so he reacts about how you would expect, with a choke sleeper, punishing Ambrose.

Bo Rotundo defeated Big E. Langston

Yeah this was kind of long and not all that good to say the very least. William Regal gets on the commentary team for not actually calling the match. Rotundo nails the Spear right out of nowhere for the pin. This was not a good outing. 

Summer Rae is out to announce that there will be a match for the Jack Brisco 15 Classic, a Thirty Minute Match between Antonio Cesaro and Richie Steamboat. Jim Ross will be commentating and this will be the third such match between the two. There is a photo-op, and Steamboat offers a handshake but Cesaro spurns him. The last two battles between Cesaro and Steamboat on Florida Championship Wrestling were great and a thirty minute match should be also.

James Bronson defeated Nick Rodgers

Bronson talks some trash to Regal, saying that he's not having Regal, until he's done with him. Thus adding another wrinkle to the best feud going on on WWE today between Dean Ambrose and William Regal. Bronson applies a leg lock in short order and he's been tapped out.  Bronson applies a choke sleeper to Nick Rodgers after the match.

Then things get awesome, as William Regal enters the ring and kicks the ever living snot out of James Bronson. Some guy named Garrett Dylan who with a bit of Wiki magic later, I found he is,  Jody Kristofferson, the son of Kris Kristofferson, given the absolutely most generic name ever. And the name Garrett is forever tainted in wrestling as far as I'm concerned. Dean Ambrose attacks Garrett Dylan and we have the beautiful visual of side by side Regal Stretches between Ambrose and Regal. Ambrose and Regal stare each other down as the fans chant for "Regal." This was an awesome segment.

Seth Rollins defeated Kassius Ohno to retain the FCW Championship

This was a good match but not a great match to say the least. Ohno survives the Avada Kedavra Superkick. Rolling elbow smash but Rollins kicks out. Ohno Blade(a spinning elbow to the back of the head) but Rollings survives that one. Leaping Curb Stomp connects from Seth Rollins and he wins the main event on Florida Championship Wrestling. It might have actually helped this match to not have these two go the full court insanity that is common to Ring of Honor main events, with a slightly dialed down version. But it was rather slow. 

A rather good effort this week from Florida Championship Wrestling. So long from the Sunshine State.


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