Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FCW Review 05/06/12

It is now time to sit down and take a look at the superstars of WWE tomorrow, today, for Florida Championship Wrestling for May 6th 2012. We have got an absolutely epic main event, thirty minutes for the Jack Brisco Classic where champion Richie Steamboat defends against Antonio Cesaro. Let's watch Florida Championship Wrestling 5/6/12 and run down the results.

Florida Championship Wrestling May 6th 2012 Review

Jim Ross comes out to do commentary with William Regal, thus it will be a good show. 

Brad Maddox and Leo Kruger defeated Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton

Essentially a paint by numbers tag team match between these two teams. Not too bad of a match but it was just there to fill up a spot on the show. Kruger and Maddox seems like a solid team to call up to WWE(or maybe NXT) and then get the win when Maddox hits a Boss Man Slam for the pin on Jordan. 

Paige defeated Audrey Marie and the FCW Diva's Champion Raquel Diaz

Non title, with Sofia Cortez out as always. For the standards of FCW Divas, this was far from the worst match you'll see and it had a clever finish, with Raquel Diaz pulling out the Three Amigos on Audrey Marie but on the second one, Paige sneaks in to pin Raquel Diaz. Nice and sets her up for a title shot down the line.

We see a recap of the events leading up to the thirty minute Jack Briscoe Classic Match between Richie Steamboat and Antonio Cesaro later tonight.

15 Champion Richie Steamboat vs. Antonio Cesaro

Most falls in thirty minutes is your winner. Both men go back and forth with a nice technical classic for the first six minutes, with Steamboat pulling off a rolling cradle right into a bridge on Cesaro to get up 1-0 with 24:12 remaining.  We take a commercial break, with Cesaro gaining a fall during it, dropping Steamboat across the top rope with a suplex and kicking him right in the head, between 20 and 18 minutes remaining to even up the score 1-1.

Cesaro and Steamboat continue to go right through this match, with Cesaro pulling out every dirty trick that he can, roughing up Richie Steamboat. Flying cross body press is reversed with Cesaro pulling the tights to bring the match up 2-1, with 10:58 remaining. Steamboat is in the pressure cooker right about now but Cesaro looks about lax, thinking that he has the match in the bag, but Steamboat cradles him for the pin to tie things up in 2-2 in 6:11.

Then we go to the ending sequence, with Cesaro getting more and more frantic, especially when Steamboat kicks out of the Neutralizer. Cesaro burns up time arguing with the referee. Superkick avoided and Cesaro hits a lariat for a nearfall. He goes for the Ricola Bomb but Steamboat rolls through for a nearfall. Antonio Cesaro is up and Richie Steamboat just rattles Cesaro with a superkick, with 0:04 remaining to push ahead 3-2. Steamboat naturally wins and is still your champion.

Another great much, better than the Rollins against Ambrose thirty minute match that inspired me to review this show every week. Richie Steamboat is still your FCW 15 Champion, so long from the sunshine state.

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