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Impact Wrestling 05/17/12 Review

TNA Sacrifice is now in the books and it is now time for Impact Wrestling for May 17th 2012. Tonight on Impact Wrestling, the road to the 10th Anniversary of TNA begins, with several huge matches. Let's sit down and watch Impact Wrestling 5/17/12 and run down all of the results.

Impact Wrestling 05/17/12

TNA Champion Bobby Roode opens the show, to brag about how he's going to break the record for the longest TNA Champion in history and he wants to celebrate. Our champion calls out Hulk Hogan. Roode makes some demands but not so fast, he hasn't broken any records yet. Therefore, Hogan says that there is a lot of contenders and he's going to break that list down to four, when Rob Van Dam takes on Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson squares off against Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle takes on Samoa Joe, and their will be a battle royal. Roode will be defending the title against the man Hogan chooses out of the four on May 24th 2012, at the next Open Fight Night.

Bully Ray defeated Rob Van Dam

RVD is hurt, because of his Ladder Match, so naturally this is a perfect opponent for someone with the first name of "Bully". RVD hurts himself and Bully Ray qualifies into the contender's ring.

King Mo signed with TNA. They recap that. I'm positively indifferent, because I doubt very much that this signing will go anywhere of value.

Bully Ray raves about everything. Joseph Park shows up but Bully Ray doesn't want any part of any apologies.

Gail Kim is not happy about having to defend her title against Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky.

AJ Styles wins a Qualifying Battle Royal Match also featuring Austin Aries, Crimson, Devon, Eric Young, Garrett Bischoff, Gunner, Magnus, ODB, Robbie E, and Robbie T

The fact that Garrett Bischoff is in line in line for the TNA Championship is rather appalling to say the least. The match as it was, was nice, even though the winner was obvious. Sadly ODB will not be getting double gold any time soon. Aries gets tossed by Gunner and then AJ Styles knocks out Gunner.

AJ Styles cuts an interview, denying that he has been whistling Dixie, saying that he and Dixie Carter have been business partners and nothing more. That's what they all say. Daniels and Kazarian are out, to offer video proof of Dixie Carter and AJ Styles leaving a hotel.

Recap of the history between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe and then Joe and Angle have some words regarding their match.

Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson

Slightly better than the Pay Per View effort on Sunday. Both men have a pretty solid match, with Jeff Hardy scoring with a roll up. Both men give each other some respect after the match and things appear to be on the level for sure.

Gail Kim retained the TNA Knockout's Title over Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky

The addition of Velvet Sky to this match was a subtraction to the quality. Velvet took out Tessmacher but Gail Kim stole the pin, to remain TNA Knockout's Champion. Average effort really when you think about it.

Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe

This is a far cry from their earlier matches but still pretty good for what it was. In a move that pretty much everyone should have saw coming, Angle gets the win, because Samoa Joe doesn't exactly win big singles matches anymore. Yet there were mere flickers of the Joe of 2002-2006, with Angle managing a roll up for the pin after a tough match.

Bobby Roode looks at his potential challengers, as Impact Wrestling goes to a close.

A rather solid show this week, focusing on the title and it really did wonders. For those who didn't hear, Impact Wrestling goes live starting on May 31st 2012, on a trial basis. And also RAW goes three hours, which is an awful idea on every level.

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