Thursday, May 17, 2012

RAW Expands to Three Hours

After years of the three hour RAWs, the absolute worst thing that could ever happened, has happened, according to John Cena on his Twitter. Starting on July 23rd 2012, WWE RAW will be expanding to three hours each and every Monday Night.

On an unrelated note, on July 16th 2012, the Wrestling Emporium will be ceasing production of its RAW recaps. We would like to thank all of you who have followed each and every single week where we had those recaps and hope that enjoyed them and thank the tens upon tens of fans who enjoyed.

Just kidding.


As a wrestling recap writer, this is my absolute worst nightmare come true. It also is likely going to make Smackdown be even more irrelevant than it has been over the past, year or so, ever since the RAW Supershow concept came true.

Three hours of RAW each and every Monday Night, given how the three hour RAWs have been some of the worst in recent memories. Unless its a draft, there have been some really bad RAWs.

On a slightly related television note, Impact Wrestling will be live each and every Thursday starting on May 31st 2012. Which is only slightly less appalling given the fact I have to go into Impact blind and I can't brace myself for the segments of questionable quality. Of course, I understand why Impact would go live far more than any logic behind weekly three hour RAWs whatsoever.

It may be a trial basis during the summer and I hope that whoever made this decision is shot out of cannon.

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