Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ROH Press Conference Today

Much like pretty much every wrestling promotion and any business for that matter, Ring of Honor Wrestling, Sinclair Broadcasting and Joe Koff has mastered the art of the spin after the fiasco with ROH Border Wars this past weekend.

On one hand, technology is technology and it will fail at the worst possible time, that much is something that would understand. However, once setting up for something like a streaming live pay per view, you should prepare for traffic several times beyond your expected capacity. Many fans could not get into watch Border Wars, until the very end, long since many had left, which means only a fraction of the ROH audience that was willing to put down money to watch Border Wars saw the Kevin Steen against Davey Richards match for the Ring of Honor Championship.

Previously Go Fight Live was blamed, but it becomes obvious with Ring of Honor's own in house Pay Per View company failing to the extent that it did, it really does tell you something. A live test on Thursday featuring a CM Punk versus Bryan Danielson match had some technical issues.

Nearly one year after Ring of Honor was purchased by Sinclair Broadcasting, it seems like there has been a number of fiascoes with the problems getting worst. We know Ring of Honor is a long way down since the glory days of 2004-2006, but while there is some effort on the part of the wrestlers, the action ownership and in some cases the booking, leaves a lot to be desired.

Not as many will give Ring of Honor another chance and it will take months and months, maybe even a couple of years of absolutely perfect broadcasts without a single issue to be found.

Which given Ring of Honor's scattered production past, unlikely to happen. Interestingly enough, one of Ring of Honor's post anticipated Pay Per View's was a disaster and while TNA Sacrifice a show that was an obvious throw away and on Mother's Day, had a trio of good matches towards the end, that people did see. TNA actually came out ahead on a weekend where ROH was set up to win but they choked.

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