Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smackdown House Show Results 5/23/12

The Superstars of WWE Smackdown returned with a Smackdown House Show on May 23rd 2012, from Poughkeepsie New York. The show was headlined with Sheamus defending the World Heavyweight Title in a Triple Threat Match against Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan and Christian taking on Cody Rhodes for the WWE Intercontinental Title. Let's run down the results for a special Wednesday Night Smackdown House Show from Poughkeepsie New York

WWE Smackdown House Show Results May 23rd 2012 from Poughkeepsie New York

Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd teamed up to score the win over Hunico and Camacho

Jinder Mahal trashed Yoshi Tatsu, winning the match via submission with the Camel Clutch.

WWE United States Champion Santino Marella hung onto the championship defending Jack Swagger

Ezekiel Jackson picked up a win over Drew McIntyre with the Book of Ezekiel

Big Show knocked out the Great Khali in a short match.

Randy Orton picked up the win over Kane with the RKO.

Layla retained the WWE Diva's Title over Natalya.

Christian held onto his WWE Intercontinental Title defeating Cody Rhodes

Sheamus successfully retained the World Heavyweight Title in a Triple Threat Match over Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio

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