Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WWE NXT Review 05/16/12

We continue the season where the fun never stops, WWE NXT Season 5 Redemption. Triple Threat Main Event Match, featuring Michael McGillicutty, Tyson Kidd, and Derrick Bateman headline another week. Plus, Percy Watson meets Johnny Curtis, The Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson take on Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, and Kaitlyn faces Maxine. It is time to watch and run down the results of WWE NXT 5/16/12.

WWE NXT Review May 16th 2012. 
Johnny Curtis picked up the win over Percy Watson

I've seen this match several times over the past several weeks on this show. It is always just there, pretty much just not bad but not the best either. Curtis scores the win on Watson with a vicious Falcon Arrow slamming him down. Middle of the road performance by both of these competitors.

Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

Reks and Hawkins are back on NXT...yeah, because they are. Zeke is beaten up for the vast majority of this match until he manages to make the tag to the Great Khali. Khali cleans house, knocking around the heels. Reks gets taken down with the Punjabi Plunge and Khali gets the pin. The Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson pick up a win on NXT. And Reks and Hawkins are in a bad way.

Kane against the Zack Ryder on YouTube, before Over the Limit.

Kaitlyn defeated Maxine

Another match that we've seen many times right on this show. The Un-PG ring gear is gone, as Maxine has some generic pants and a top to wrestle in. Match was actually pretty good at points, which was a testament of how far these divas have come since NXT Season 3. Kaitlyn wins with a Full Nelson using the legs instead of the arms, making Maxine submit.

RAW Rebound with John Laurinaitis firing the Big Show.

Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty and Derrick Bateman

Some world class heeling from Michael McGillicutty during this match, just letting the other two duke it out. Great Triple threat Action, with some high impact moves and all three men working well. McGillicutty pulls out the Perfect Plex but is taken to the floor. Kidd has the Sharpshooter on Bateman but Bateman fights it so Kidd turns into the Dungeon Lock. Nowhere to go and Kidd forces Bateman to submit, as McGillicutty has to submit.

A great show this week for NXT, more of a straight wrestling show this week, but it worked.

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