Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FCW Wrestling 06/10/12 Review

Florida Championship Wrestling for June 10th 2012 was headlined by Bo Dallas(formally known as Bo Rotundo) taking on Big E. Langston. Let's take a look at Florida Championship Wrestling, some of the future developmental stars of WWE, stars who could be on RAW and Smackdown before too long.

Florida Championship Wrestling 6/10/12

First the results of Florida Championship Wrestling for June 10th 2012.

Florida Championship Wrestling 6/10/12 Results

Xavier Woods and Mike Dalton defeated Jake Carter and Corey Graves

Audrey Marie pinned Paige after Sofia Cortez cost Paige the match.

Rick Victor defeated CJ Parker.

Bo Dallas pinned Big E. Langston with the Spear.

Florida Championship Wrestling 6/10/12 Report

Bryon Saxton, Antonio Cesaro, and William Regal are your commentators.

Xavier Woods and Mike Dalton defeated the FCW Tag Team Champions Jake Carter and Corey Graves in a Non Title Match

This match went on and on for a very long time and I'll be honest, in the heatless FCW arena with the fans sitting on their hands, a traditional tag team match can seem like an eternity. Dalton is beaten down for about nine hours, hot tag is made and Xavier Woods scores the win. Match was fine from a technical standpoint but went on too long.

Raquel Diaz is out with a new hair, make up, and outfit, looking like a low rent Lady Gaga. She give herself a makeover. This segment is rather surreal in a few ways.

Summer Rae and Rob Naylor are in the office and Dusty Rhodes is on his way to the office. Here's Dusty, saying that Steve Keirn is going to meet her because their are going to be some changes and there are going to be made immediately. Dusty is baffled by Naylor. I would be too. Dusty scares Naylor off.

Audrey Marie defeated Paige

There is a bit of heat between Paige and Sofia Cortez and the winner of this match may be in line for an FCW Diva's Title Shot against Raquel Diaz. These two put together a fairly good match and Sofia Cortez acts like she's going to help Paige but "accidentally" knocks her hand off the ropes. Paige manages to roll through with a cradle for the pin.

Rick Victor defeated CJ Parker

Rather enjoyable and solid encounter on Florida Championship Wrestling. I think that these two men are solid performers but I don't know how far they will go in WWE. The match was decent, with Victor after some reversals ending up with the Tiger Bomb for the pin.

Seth Rollins is here to cut a rather subdued. He is here to prove himself and become the Florida Champion, thus proving he is the best. Dean Ambrose walked into the company a year later and wanted to prove that he was the best and he set his sights on Seth Rollins. Yet he could not get the job done and thus he lost his mind in the process with his inability to beat Seth Rollins. But next week, Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose one more time for the Florida Championship on June 17th 2012.

Bo Dallas defeated Big E. Langston

Bo Rotundo wrestled as Bo Dallas on the NXT Full Sail University tapings that have yet to air but he's wrestling under that name in FCW. Big E. Langston once bench pressed a car. That's about all I have to say about this match. Big Ending is blocked and Bo hits the spear for the pin. Yep.

Ambrose against Rollins next week. So long from the sunshine state.

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