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Impact Wrestling 05/31/12 Review

Starting on May 31st 2012 and for every week the foreseeable future TNA Impact Wrestling is live each and every Thursday Night at 8:00 Eastern Time. As we watch Impact Wrestling live, we will see Sting take on the longest reigning TNA Champion ever Bobby Roode in a main event Lumberjack Match. The usual two hours of insanity, an hour earlier that the fans of Impact Wrestling have come to know. Let us kick back and watch Impact Wrestling 5/31/12 as the highlights and results are rundown.

Impact Wrestling 5/31/12

First the results, quick and dirty.

Impact Wrestling 5/31/12 Results

Sting picked up the win over Bobby Roode in a Lumberjack Match. Hulk Hogan makes Bobby Roode versus Sting for the TNA Championship at Slammiversary 2012.

Bully Ray and Joseph Park is made for TNA Slammiversary 2012.

TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin

Taz is revealed to replace Ric Flair as the third judge in the Gutcheck Challenge.

Brooke Hogan was announced as the new Head of the Knockouts Division.

TNA Television Champion Devon battled Jeff Hardy to a no contest after Robbie E and Robbie T interfered. Devon and Jeff Hardy fought off the Robbies afterwards.

James Storm cuts a promo.

Joey Ryan is voted down on the Gutcheck Challenge.

AJ Styles picks up the win over Christopher Daniels. After which, Daniels airs an incriminating phone message.

Now the Impact Wrestling Review for May 31st 2012.

Impact Wrestling 5/31/12 Report

Sting defeated Bobby Roode in a Non Title Lumberjack Match

Yes, this happened. Now to get that unfortunate positivity out of the way, this was a rather fun match. On the other hand, we're going back to the well with Sting once again in TNA. I'm one of the biggest fans of Sting out there. I think he should be in a certain Hall of Fame, most certainly over Kurt Angle and Triple H. But even I have to fall absurdity on this. A good match, with Sting reversing the Pay Off and making Roode tap out.

Yes the TNA Champion taps out to the fifty some year old non wrestler. Welcome to Impact Wrestling. Out comes Hulk Hogan to give Sting a title shot against Bobby Roode at Slammiversary 2012. Which makes some sense on some level. For TNA at least.

It's been ten years, I'm just going with the flow at this point.

Tonight AJ Styles takes on Christopher Daniels. Yes, again. Devon will defend the Television Title. And Brooke Hogan will make her debut.

Madison Rayne suggests that she may get along with Brooke Hogan and she wonders how good she looks, as we continue the secret admirer storyline that has made zero impression on me so far.

Out comes Bully Ray, to talk some trash, as he does best. He reminds us of the beating he gave Joseph Park last week. Out comes Joseph Park and after some back and forth, Park loses it and tries to throttle Bully Ray. Bully threatens to sue Park and Park backs off, causing Bully Ray to mock Joseph Park. Joseph Park challenges Bully Ray and Bully Ray accepts the challenge for Slammiversary. Another good segment for this storyline, as Bully Ray continues to be one of the more entertaining characters in TNA.

TNA X-Division Champion Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin

Well this was a fun little X-Division sprint, for the time it got. I have no idea who can beat Aries at this point, but they either need to elevate the X-Division Title or get it off of him, because he has outgrown it. Aries counters the Cradle Shock to score the pin.

Hulk Hogan is talking backstage with Taz who has replaced Ric Flair as the judge of the Gutcheck Challenge. Taz won't pull any punches.

The Gutcheck Judges debate over Joey Ryan. Bruce Prichard is rather neutral, Al Snow is for, and Taz appears to be not too fond of Joey Ryan.

The four contenders, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Robbie E are backstage, winner challenging Devon. One of things are not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong.

Dixie Carter is out to announce the new head of the Knockouts Division, Brooke Hogan. Of course, by putting Dixie Carter out there, Brooke looks about ten times more charismatic than she is. Brooke promises to do the best to live up to her family reputation and bring the Knockouts to new heights. This segment was what it was.

TNA Television Champion Devon battled Jeff Hardy to a no contest

With forty percent, Jeff Hardy wins the fan voting and gets a TNA Television Championship shot at Devon. Obviously some history here between these two men, as one third of the infamous TLC matches in 2000 and 2001. We have a pretty good match, that was soiled with the Robbies interfering and the match was being thrown out. Devon and Jeff Hardy fight off Robbie E and Robbie T.

James Storm is with his daughter, cutting an interview, about how he let everyone down. He doesn't say if he is returning, even when is daughter asks. The slow build for Bound for Glory 2012 continues, hopefully TNA doesn't botch it.

Gutcheck time which does not go as favorable for Joey Ryan as one would think. Perhaps another time. Then again, he was better than Alex Silva but that is neither here nor there.

AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels

You've seen one AJ Styles against Christopher Daniels match and you have seen them all. Its not a bad match, it is just, they have had better. Solid main event with Styles foiling the interference of Kazarian and then hitting the Styles Clash for the pin on Daniels.

After the match, Kazarian and Daniels beat down Styles but Kurt Angle scrambles out for the save. Then Daniels plays a recorded message of a conversation between AJ Styles and Dixie Carter. Oh boy, that looks bad. Dixie is none too happy.

And that's how the show ends.

That about sums up Impact Wrestling in a nutshell. This is the point where I laugh at every single TNA mark out there for expecting that Batista would show up on this show. As if Big Dave would stoop to such a level.

Not a bad show, but really, not the knock it out of a park show that justifies the move to go live.

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