Friday, June 1, 2012

Regal Versus Ambrose Final FCW

I was so happy to read that Dean Ambrose and William Regal will be occurring on the final Florida Championship Wrestling taping on June 7th 2012. I would have been kind of upset if that show would have went off without any resolution to that feud, which they had been teasing us with a return match for, for months and months and months, after Regal beat Ambrose this past November.

Dean Ambrose against William Regal on Florida Championship Wrestling has been one of the top five best booked feuds in WWE in years and it is on the developmental territory. It makes you want to see the next time that they want to face, the build, the promos, and everything has been great. It is something beyond the pale, which is why I am kind of glad it was in FCW, as it would never be a fraction as awesome if it was on the main RAW or Smackdown shows.

Regardless the return match that has been six months in the making between Dean Ambrose and William Regal, will be taking place on June 7th 2012, and will be airing in July on one of the final Florida Championship Wrestling shows. I was hoping that they would not leave us hanging for this one and sure enough they did not disappoint.

Regal versus Ambrose part two, the match that we have been waiting for six months in the making. For once, wrestling does not disappoint us.

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