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Impact Wrestling 06/28/12 Review

Impact Wrestling for June 28th 2012 features the TNA Tag Team Titles on the line when AJ Styles and Kurt Angle defend against the former champions in Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Plus the Bound for Glory Series continues and a tournament to crown a new X-Division Champion starts up. Let us kick back and watch Impact Wrestling 6/28/12 for all of the results.

Impact Wrestling 6/28/12

First the results of Impact Wrestling for June 28th 2012.

Impact Wrestling 6/28/12 Results

Rob Van Dam pinned Mr. Anderson in the Bound for Glory Series.

Sonjay Dutt pinned Rubix.

Samoa Joe defeated Bully Ray in the Bound for Glory Series after Joseph Park interfered.

Rashad Cameron defeated Mason Andrews.

Taeler Hendrix got the contract in the Gutcheck Segment, with Joey Ryan showing up.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian won the TNA Tag Team Titles back from AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Then Daniels revealed Claire Lynch is pregnant and AJ is the Daddy.

Impact Wrestling 6/28/12 Report

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter talk. Claire Lynch will speak. I'm breathless with excitement.

Rob Van Dam pinned Mr. Anderson

From this point out, the Bound for Glory Series matches will have fifteen minute time limits. I screamed when I saw this match. Although it wasn't that bad, its just one I could go without seeing ever again. Back and forth action, with RVD pulling out the crucifix for the pin to net seven points in the Bound for Glory Series.

Austin Aries is out, letting us that a new X-Division Champion will be crowned when he steps up to the top for a title shot. Bobby Roode comes out, talking some trash about Aries, saying the twelve men in the Bound for Glory Series are brawling for a shot at him, and the only reason Aries has a title shot is because of Hulk Hogan. Fight is teased, but Roode runs. Good segment but I can't help and think TNA might have booked themselves into a bit of a corner with this one. The long term plan is Roode and Storm at Bound for Glory but obviously its becoming evident that Aries kind of has to win or he'll be the loser who gave up his belt and then failed to win the big one. It should be interesting to see what happens.

Recap of the events of last week and Claire Lynch telling her side of the story.

There is some trouble in paradise, as Kazarian is not happy due to the fact that Daniels technically was lying to him about AJ. Oh my God, continuity.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Rubix

Sonjay Dutt, one of the greatest X-Division competitors never to win the X-Division Title, is back to take on Rubix who you might know as Jigsaw of ROH and CHIKARA fame. Fun little spotfest, in this X-Division Title Tournament Match. Dutt pulls out a Moonsault Foot Stomp for the pin.

Dutt vows to win the Title.

The Gutcheck Judges watch and debate the performance of Taeler Hendrix, and we'll find out if she is going to be voted in or out.

Samoa Joe defeated Bully Ray with the Clutch in the Bound for Glory Series

Joe got on the board on a house show over the weekend and Joe scores another win, by submission, gaining ten points. Granted, Joseph Park distracted Bully Ray once again, costing him the match but before that it was a rather good match. Samoa Joe's redemption from his performance last year might be the story of the series. Obviously he won't win but final four, please.

Joseph Park hates Bullies and Bully Ray is a bully. Well that's in his name. Abyss is not involved, this is about Joseph Park and Bully Ray. We're going to have another match.

Talk about the doctored phone call by Daniels.

Kazarian tries to beg out of the match, saying that Daniels deceived him. Hulk Hogan refuses to let him out of the tag team match.

Madison Rayne chats about Garrett Bischoff about her crush. So its not Garrett.

Miss Tessmacher is summoned by Brooke Hogan due to a deal with Direct Auto Insurance. Gail Kim is not happy. Conflict occurs between the Knockouts here on Impact Wrestling.

Rashad Cameron defeated Mason Andrews

And from the scrap heap of names that even WWE thought was too stupid for FCW wrestlers, we have these two. This is a qualifying match for the X-Division Title. Not too bad of a little spotfest here on Impact Wrestling. Cameron wins with a huge Spike DDT and joins Sonjay Dutt in the tournament. Andrews was Scorpio Sky of PWG fame and Cameron was Sabian of CZW.

Hulk Hogan makes Jeff Hardy and James Storm in the Bound for Glory Series next week.

Gutcheck time with the highlight of this being Joey Ryan showing up. After Ryan is ejected, we get to the segment. Taeler is green but she has heart and determination. She gets the contract. Fair enough, the Knockouts could use some new blood but obviously we've not seen the last of Joey Ryan.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle prepare for their TNA Tag Team Title Defense as Angle commends AJ Styles for what he did and AJ has his head in the game.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian defeated Kurt Angle and AJ Styles to win the TNA Tag Team Titles.

A good main event match, with Kazarian teasing that he was fed up with Daniels, but turned around and nailed Styles with a chair. SWERVE! Russo might be long gone, but his spirit lives on. I can't get too bad, as this was an excellent match. We have new TNA Tag Team Champions in Daniels and Kazarian when Daniels pins Styles.

Then the new is dropped, Claire Lynch, the drug addict that AJ Styles and Dixie Carter helped, is pregnant. Yes, they're actually going there. And AJ is the Daddy. We end Impact Wrestling on that note.

Well Impact Wrestling had some good wrestling this week so we can't fault the show for that.  

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