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WWE NXT 06/27/12 Review

WWE NXT for June 27th 2012 was headlined by the main event of Derrick Bateman taking on Johnny Curtis. Plus Seth Rollins in action against Jiro, Jinder Mahal takes on Jason Jordan, Leo Kruger faces Aiden English, the Ascension takes on the Usos, Rick Victor goes against Richie Steamboat, and Antonio Cesaro pinned Dante Dash. Let us watch WWE NXT for June 27th 2012.

WWE NXT 6/27/12

First the results of WWE NXT for June 27th 2012.

WWE NXT 6/27/12 Results

Seth Rollins pinned Jiro.

Jinder Mahal made Jason Jordan submit to the Camel Clutch.

Leo Kruger made Aiden English submit to a sleeperhold.

The Ascension of Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron defeated Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Richie Steamboat pinned Rick Victor with the Sling Blade.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Dante Dash with the Neutralizer.

Derrick Bateman pinned Johnny Curtis.

WWE NXT 6/27/12 Report

Jim Ross and Bryon Saxton are commentating this week on WWE NXT.

Seth Rollins pinned Jiro

Obvious showcase for Rollins, who does his ridiculous entrance, but not with a belt to swing like FCW. Jiro gets minimal offense and Rollins hits a spin kick and then a curb stomp to pick up the win on WWE NXT in the opening match. Briley Pierce gets some words from Seth Rollins after the match, who vows to shake up NXT but here comes Jinder Mahal who exchanges a look with Rollins as we enter our next match.

Mahal cuts a promo, saying that NXT will be molded into his image and he takes on Jason Jordan next on NXT.

Jinder Mahal defeated Jason Jordan with the Camel Clutch

A squash for Mahal, with Jordan perhaps getting slightly more offense than Jiro had. Jordan gets a bit of offense and Mahal hits a huge knee, before slapping on the camel clutch. Jinder Mahal picks up the win here on the new WWE NXT.

Video package taking a look at Leo Kruger. He's a icon in Africa and he's coming to NXT, up next.

Leo Kruger defeated Aiden English with the Sleeperhold

Really not much to say about these matches, with Kruger getting a chance to shine. Kruger traps English in the Sleeperhold to get the tap out. Leo Kruger is a winner his first match out on WWE NXT.

We take a look at Richie Steamboat who will be in action later.

Bryon Saxton leaves for the next match. So Jim Ross is joined by William Regal(YAY!) and Chris Russo(meh) for some tag team action.

The Ascension of Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron defeated the Usos

Jey Uso is face in peril during this tag team match, which got a little bit of time. Jey fights out and hot tag to Jimmy who runs wild. Shades of Rikishi on Kenneth Cameron but broken up by Conor O'Brian at the last second. Scuffle between Jey and Conor but Jey is taken out. Downcast scores the pin and the Ascension pick up the biggest win of their career against the Usos here on NXT.

Bryon Saxton's back on commentary, which makes me think that last tag team match was from an entirely different television taping.

Richie Steamboat defeated Rick Victor

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is in the crowd watching his son. Fairly impressive match for a squash and Steamboat scores the win with a sling blade, a twirling half DDT/half bulldog type move bringing down Victor for the pin.

Hype for the match between Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman.

Video package, the same one from last week, hyping up Antonio Cesaro.

RAW Rebound featuring Chris Jericho and John Cena, with the Big Show interfering.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Dante Dash

Really, another match? Fair enough, it was an awesome showcase for Antonio Cesaro, who beats up Dante Dash in around a minute or two. Aksana is out and Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Dash for the pin.

Video package of Bray Wyatt preaching the good word.

Derrick Bateman defeated Johnny Curtis

In this week's ode to NXT Season 5, we have a less than four minute main event match. Decent enough for the time but we've seen this match before and the story telling of past seasons held up. Curtis works over the leg but Bateman comes back with his bulldog for the pin.

Second week of the all new NXT was fun enough but not up to the first. As big of a fan of this show as I am, seven matches as way too much. Hopefully later shows will improve.  

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