Saturday, June 2, 2012

Live Impact Wrestling Rating

Last Thursday Night, Impact Wrestling was in live and in living color at an earlier start time. The show was not too bad, given that what TNA has been in the past and what TNA could be at its most insane. However, all of the show amounted to was a television rating with a 0.9 rating on Spike TV, which is far below the average that Impact Wrestling.

Now no doubt there will be many people in there to spin the rating and they would have some good points. The show was an hour earlier and given that wrestling fans tend to be creatures of habit, on a schedule, it will take a good number of weeks before the new start time has been committed right to any kind of decent amount of memory. We'll see how the rating is in another month before we condemn TNA.

Of course, over the past ten years of TNA, there has been a number of times where TNA could have stepped up, had the greatest opportunity, and blew it. Many fans feel that the point of no return was the ill fated Monday Night experiment. Even if the shows have been moderately better after the first number of months, it will take many years of good shows, before TNA moves up to the next level.

Obviously however considering this is the wrestling business and people tend to change direction about as often as most people change their underpants. This rating might have caused a couple of people to panic. We'll know how much people behind the scenes in TNA panicked if the TNA Championship belt goes on Sting or something like that.

And yes, obviously with the summer season, one could make the argument that people would be outside to enjoy the nice weather. Although that argument has a lot of holes shot in it when you realize that less people would be likely to be outside and a few people are limiting their travel due to raising gas prices. Whether or not those would be the people's in TNA's demographic.

0.9 for the first live show. Not a number to rather be proud of. But if the numbers don't go up slightly after fans settled into the new time slot, then it might be time to start panicking just a little bit. The live thing always was an experiment for the summer. We'll find out what the end result of that is going to be but 0.9 is not a good start.

Only time will tell.

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