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WWF RAW is WAR 12/01/97

The World Wrestling Federation was on the road to its DeGeneration X Pay Per View on December 7th 1997, headlined by a double main event of Shawn Michaels defending his World Wrestling Federation Championship against Ken Shamrock and Steve Austin and the Rock squaring off for the very first time for the WWF Intercontinental Title. The December 1st 1997 edition of WWF RAW Is WAR was the go home show for DeGeneration X and Part 5 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

On the other network, there was a really good Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera match. Also Chris Benoit continued his path tearing through Raven's Flock, when he beat Kidman. Lex Luger defeated Buff Bagwell via disqualification and Diamond Dallas Page beat Curt Hennig via disqualification with help from Rick Rude and the usual NWO craziness that WCW Monday Nitro in 1997 was expected. Plus Bret Hart was about ready to arrive and Hollywood Hogan and Sting in the biggest match in WCW History was gaining steam for Starrcade 97.

Enough about WCW, this is about the World Wrestling Federation and this is WWF RAW Is War for December 1st 1997.

WWF RAW Is WAR Results 12/1/97

Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg shamelessly stole the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles on last week WWF RAW is WAR. They gloat about their victory, dedicating their victory to the "memory" of the Legion of Doom. Tonight they're going to defend the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles against the Headbangers. Hawk and Animal, the Legion of Doom run out,without make up and get in it with Gunn and the Road Dogg.

Tonight they are going to show footage from the Survivor Series screwjob between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. The fans are going be the judges of who got screwed on that cold night in Montreal.
Sunny is the ring announcer for the next match.

TAKA Michinoku pinned Mr. Aguila in the Semifinals of the WWF Lightheavyweight Championship Tournament.

A bit of a spotfest on RAW, although at this point, this was about one of the only matches that the World Wrestling Federation was going to do to match up with the Cruiserweight Action over on Nitro. An insane twisting corkscrew moonsault by Aguila was a nice move. TAKA wins with the Michinoku Driver and gets in the finals in six days at WWF In Your House: DeGeneration X.

A recap of the recent insanity involving Goldust, mostly his dumping of his wife Marlena(aka Terri Runnels) for Luna Vachon and then his attacks on Vader in recent weeks. Then Jerry Lawler interviews Goldust and Luna Vachon. Goldust has a rubber ball in his mouth and a g-string over his own outfit, along with his hair painted print.

Again as I mentioned, this was the part where Goldust was getting rather bizarre. He's the Artist Formally Known as Goldust now. Yeah like Prince. Then Vince Russo in WCW went full circle with the rip off and then we got the Artist Formally Known as Prince Iaukea. Luna bites Goldust's ball. The one in his mouth. Actually that doesn't sound much better.

LOD are in the back.

D'Lo Brown defeated Recon, Chainz, and Miguel Perez.

A fatal four way match with representatives of the four major gangs in the World Wrestling Federation. D'Lo Brown for the Nation of Domination, Recon for the Truth Commissioner, Chainz for the Disciples of the Apocalypse, and Miguel Perez of Los Boriques. At least the best worker in the match won. Recon later became Bull Buchanan much later on. He then went to Japan and did rather well for himself.

A promo for the Shopzone which was just coming around in 1997.

Out comes DeGeneration X for your weekly promo fun. Jim Neidhart was played for a sucker, just like Bret Hart. Triple H says that he's going to save his biggest gun for Slaughter's old lady. Shawn Michaels it should be noted is in a wheelchair for this segment, as Chyna has been working him over. In preparation to prepare his leg for the ankle lock, so he feels no pain. Triple H twists an obviously fake boot. Not one of the better DX segments.

Replay of the Montreal Screwjob in its entirety. Setting off nearly fifteen years of debates among wrestling fans about who was in the right. My verdict: Everyone was in the wrong.

Replay of beeper 3:16, leading into the Rock's match with Vader, which is "a non title match." Remember at this point in time, The Rock had stolen Stone Cold's Intercontinental Belt and declared himself to be the champion, because possession is 9/10th of the law. Stone Cold Steve Austin drives down to the ring in a Pickup Truck, to watch this match, blaring AC/DC.

The Rock defeated Vader via countout.

A fairly decent match. The Rock pulls out the People's Elbow but at this point, its just another move. It wouldn't be the most electrifying move in the history of Sports Entertainment. Austin watches most of this match, throwing the Rock off and Vader gains a bit of control. The Artist Formally Known as Goldust shows up and Vader gives chase, leading to a count out. Austin flips the Rock.

Steve Austin driving his pickup to the ring would kick off what would be a Stone Cold staple during the Attitude Era. Driving vehicles and causing chaos.

A recap of Ken Shamrock's greatest hits, building him up for his title shot on December 7th at WWF In Your House: DeGeneration X, against the World Wrestling Federation Champion Shawn Michaels.

The next match is supposed to Scott Taylor against Brian Christopher in the other semifinal of the Lightheavyweight Title Tournament but oh crap its Kane! Kane enters the ring for his usual destruction of some poor and hapless soul until he gets his match with the Undertaker. Choke Slam and Tombstone takes out Scott Taylor. Brian Christopher as a result gets a free pass to the finals to face off against TAKA Michinoku this Sunday at WWF In Your House: DeGeneration X, for the WWF Lightheavyweight Title.

Ahmed Johnson is out for his match with Jeff Jarrett but for the second week in a row, Jeff Jarrett refuses to wrestle him. Ahmed Johnson was part of the reason why Jeff Jarrett left the World Wrestling Federation in the first place. He's not a quality opponent. Out comes Sgt. Slaughter, who says he's lined up Jeff Jarrett a top quality opponent for WWF In Your House: DeGeneration X on December 7th, in six days time. It will be Jeff Jarrett against the Undertaker! Open mouth, insert foot, Double J.

A look at Sgt. Slaughter and his career, as he prepares to take on Triple H in a Boot Camp Match, December 7th at WWF In Your House: DeGeneration X.

Billy Gunn and Road Dogg defeated the Headbangers via disqualification to retain the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles.

The Legion of Doom runs in before this match can really get going and attacks Gunn and the Road Dogg leading up to their return match for the World Federation Tag Team Titles in six days time at WWF DeGeneration X: In Your House on December 7th. The Headbangers are not happy about being railroaded out of the chance of becoming World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions for the second time.
Recap of the recent problems between Marc Mero and Butterbean, leading up to their Toughman Contest in six days time at WWF DeGeneration: In Your House in six days time on December 7th.

Jim Cornette then interviews Marc Mero. Marc Mero takes offense when Cornette asks if what its like to be in Sable's shadow. Marc Mero says that Sable modeled everyone's t-shirts when he was on the shelf with his knee injury, but soon he'll be a star and she'll be modeling his t-shirts.

Triple H pinned Jim Neidhart

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your main event and its Neidhart beating up Triple H but Shawn Michaels gets involved. A chair is slid in by Chyna and Triple H whacks Neidhart with the chair. Triple team beatdown by DX on Jim Neidhart, but the Anvil fights back. Not for long as Pedigree on the chair and they spray paint WCW on Neidhart's back. Neidhart fights back some more, proving his toughness but he's handcuffed to the top rope and beaten down some more DeGeneration X. Sgt. Slaughter rushes out for the save, but DX beats him up as well. Then in comes Ken Shamrock to take out Shawn Michaels. Slaughter locks the Cobra Clutch on Triple H. Ankle Lock on Shawn Michaels and Jim Neidhart holds Chyna at bay. This is the last we'll see of Jim Neidhart on television in the Attitude Era.

Thoughts on the Show: Middle of the Road RAW for sure. Served its purpose though as a go show for WWF DeGeneration X In Your House on December 7th 1997 in six days time. That show is coming up next and DeGeneration X stands tall, utterly humiliating the Hart Family. There appears to be no retribution.

Or is there?

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