Monday, June 18, 2012

Matt Morgan to Return to WWE

So, Matt Morgan did in fact have his last match right in TNA on the house show. I had assumed so but it is official after Matt Morgan had defeated Crimson, he was done with TNA. Matt Morgan won his very last match in TNA, which is absolutely contrary to every bit of common sense that ever takes place in absolutely every single point in wrestling history.

Yes, I know it was at a house show. Of course it will matter to more people than it would be TNA than it would matter to people in WWE. And yes, Crimson rather doesn't matter. I did compare Crimson to Glacier after he lost his undefeated streak. Glacier much like Crimson, didn't lose any matches for a year. Also, Crimson, like Glacier, will not really amount to much.

Matt Morgan Done With TNA, On His Way Back to WWE?

Of course, the point is mute, as Matt Morgan is on his way out and as far as Impact Wrestling canon is concerned, he has not been seen in a month or two if I recall correctly. So he has been gone in eyes of a fraction of TNA's audience for a while right now.

So there are rumors starting up as Matt Morgan is on his way back to WWE. Back when Morgan was in WWE, the last time fans saw him was in 2005, where he was a stuttering guy who was Carlito's bodyguard. While there was a large turnover of fans in the past seven years, Morgan really has the fact that he was in TNA against him. Christian left and came back, but other than a brief flirtation with the main event, he's been mired in the midcard/high midcard.

Matt Morgan was nowhere near the star Christian was in WWE before he left. And he's a rather above average big man at best. Of course above average big man could get him a one month push as John Cena opponent of the month before he gets busted right back down to the midcard and potentially future endeavored.

So will Matt Morgan go far if he returns to WWE? Nothing is official yet, so until he is on television, you really never know. Maybe Jim Cornette will finally be right about his prediction of Matt Morgan main eventing Wrestlemania. 

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