Monday, June 18, 2012

WWE Series 20 Action Figures from Mattel

One of the biggest parts of WWE, no matter what era it has been from has been the action figures the company has put out. From LJN to Hasbro to Jakks Pacific and everything else, WWE Action Figures have rather sold big time and likely added a good chunk to the billions that Vincent Kennedy McMahon enjoys. From Mattel, WWE releases their Series Twenty of Action Figures, with a few surprises and a few of the usual suspects. These action figures will be released rather shortly.

WWE Series 20 Action Figures from Mattel

Here's an interesting little tidbit for those action figure executives who don't think that female characters sell well to an audience. Over on Ringside Collectables, Natalya is one of the figures out for pre order. And actually the most expensive figure in the set at forty dollars without shipping and handling. That is absolutely absurdy.

Going down the list of WWE Action figures for the latest series, we have Rey Mysterio. Likely if you have been collecting action figures for any amount of time, you have a few Rey variations. He does seem to pop up both in the sets from Jakks and the latest sets from Mattel.

Yoshi Tatsu is in this set, with his Muta esq look established on NXT Season 5 Redemption. I love me some Yoshi and also on Ringside Collectables he's on back order. Not as much as Natalya but it just goes to show you that fans want some new action figures.

Hey, we have to throw John Cena right in there. Rey Mysterio and John Cena, well those are the figures that the little kids will likely be eating up, even if there is a million of them. I think I have like a few John Cenas from various points in various boxes from my action figure collecting.

Sheamus, fella, is another action figure on the list. Given that he is the current World Heavyweight Champion, a rather smart choice for WWE Series 20 from Mattel.

Rounding out the list is Wade Barrett. Currently injured and perhaps shoved right in the back of the minds of many members of the WWE Universe. Hopefully Barrett returns with a bit of a vengeance. In the mean time, he really has a brand new spanking action figure.

Obviously the set seems to be a well balance set. Cena and Rey are in there. Then you've got Wade Barrett. Yoshi is good, Sheamus looks good, overly priced Natalya, yeah pretty good set for children from one to one hundred who are fans of WWE.  

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